Liver Cancer of Mrs Ishrat Cured By Homeopathic Treatment From Dr. Sabeel

By Dr Sabeel | August 17, 2015

Here is a latest case study of a liver cancer patient who was cured by homeopathic treatment of Dr. Sabeel.

Information About Patient:

Name: Mrs. Ishrat

Age: 60 Years

Gender: Female

Medical Problem: Cancer of Right Lobe of Liver

Contact Date: January, 2015

Medical Reports Before Starting Treatment from Dr. Sabeel:

With the permission of Mrs. Ishrat, we are sharing her medical reports.

Above mentioned report clearly shows the lesion in right lobe of liver (Liver Cancer). This test was done on 13 January, 2015. Mrs. Ishrat did not want to take painful and costly Allopathic treatments and decided to contact Dr. Sabeel. After reading this report and observing other symptoms, Dr. Sabeel started her treatment.

Medical Report After Treatment of 3 Months:

After the treatment of 3 months from Dr. Sabeel, another test was conducted to check the current condition of Liver. Here is the copy of that report:

As you can see in above report, there is improvement in the condition as lesion size was decreased. But still the cancer was not fully cured. This test was done on 18 April, 2015. The treatment was not disconnected.

Final Medical Report After 5 Months of Homeopathic Treatment:

After another 2 months, medical test was conducted again and here is the copy of medical report:

As you can see in above medical report, the liver of Mrs. Ishrat was completely normal. The lesion/cancer was cured completely and liver was of normal size. The abdominal and pelvic scan was 100% normal. This test was conducted on 18 June, 2015.


The liver cancer of Mrs. Ishrat was completely cured in 5 months by taking homeopathic medicines from Dr. Sabeel. There were no surgeries, operations or painful therapies (like chemotherapy) involved. If you or any of your friends is suffering from any type of Cancer, don’t hesitate to contact Sabeel homeo clinic.

Thoughts of Grand Daughter of Mrs. Ishrat (Miss Shumaila Shah):

Miss Shumaila Shah is grand daughter of Mrs. Ishrat.  She has shared her thoughts about her grandmother Mrs. Ishrat’s liver cancer treatment from Dr. Sabeel. Read her comment here.

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Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi is serving as Homeopathic doctor for last 18 years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Dr. Sabeel is treating patients from all over the world for almost all types of diseases. If you want to discuss or start your treatment please email Or call. Treatment for people of all countries is offered.

11 thoughts on “Liver Cancer of Mrs Ishrat Cured By Homeopathic Treatment From Dr. Sabeel

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Blocked Fallopian tubes can be treated using homeopathic medicines. First you should contact and discuss your problem, symptoms and history in detail. Please call on this number 0300-5125394 for discussion. Thanks again.

  1. Shumaila Shah

    Assalam o alaikum wr wb.
    Mrs.Ishrat is my grandmother, she was suffering from cancer for last two years. Previously she had one major surgery. 7 months ago she was
    told that she needed another surgery for her liver but her health was not allowing for this. She was mentally and physically not ready for another surgery. Then I recommended her for taking homeopathic medicines from Dr.sabeel. Its been 6 months she is taking medicines and feeling better, her scans (posted above) are showing Significant improvement. I am myself taking treatment from dr.sabeel. I will recommend anyone having problems to contact and discuss with him. May Allah swt accept his efforts And give cure to all the patients. Ameen

  2. Syed Masood Anwar

    Asalam o Alaikum,

    Ishrat begum is my mother and she suffered from Breast Cancer and she had gone under major surgery and her left breast was removed. Latter when Untra sound was done it was revealed that she had a 32.20 cm spot in her Liver. She was treated for that for one year by a reknown Enchlogist by giving her medicines and Chemo treatment. But no good result was obtained. then they suggested another major surgery for Liver, which we did not agreed too.

    Then my daughter gave contact of Dr Sabeel and by his keen attention and good treatment , my mothers Liver is now free from any cancer spot just in 6 months. She is yet using medicines and will get another Ultrasound in 15 days to see the improvement.

    Alhamdo Lillah my mother is feeling good and enjoying a sound health by the grace of Allah and better treatment of Dr Sabeel.

    I strongly recommend Dr Sabeel to any one having simmilar problem and In Sha Allah they will meet such results in lesser time and lesser expensces. May Allah Bless Dr Sabeel to be on mankinds service in health. Ameen !!

  3. dr. tahir

    kindly give your opinion about my mother in law having liver cancer 9.6 cm in rt. lobe .she had been treated for hepatitis c, one year ago ,by allopathic medicines

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Dr Tahir,

      Plz, Contact on this number: 0300-5125394. Need to discuss problem in detail and see the reports.


    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Name: Dr Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi

      Clinic Address: Al-Fatah Plaza, Opposite Punja­b Bank, Chandani Chowk, R­awalpindi, Punjab-46000, Pakistan

      Cell Number: 0300-5125394

  4. Dr Ikram ul haq Mirza

    what medicines u have used in liver cancer for above mentioned female patient?I started recently to treat liver cancer patient he was taking cardus Q 3 times 10 dr0ps along with chelidoniume Q 10 drops etc for last 3 to 6 mnth. now i suggest last week cardus Q cholestrinum 3x and baryta carb 30.after 2 week i m going to give him taraxcum Q solidago Q cholestrinum 3x and bryonia 200 .his AFP(alfa fitoprotein is 7000.Pls will u guide me?

  5. Tanveer Dar

    AoA. my son have breathing problem during sleep because of tonsils his age is 3 and half years. plz suggest the treatment for him.
    Tanveer Dar.


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