Ascites Treatment in Homeopathic – Common Types Symptoms and Causes

By Dr Sabeel | February 14, 2019

Definition of Ascites

Ascites refers to a medical condition in which the abdominal cavity fills with the fluid. The fluid that occupies the abdomen is normally clear but yellowish in color due to protein in it. Ascites is associated with the malfunctioning of liver and may lead to serious consequences.

Symptoms of Ascites

Normally symptoms of Ascites are not too severe to notice and are dependent on the causes of fluid accumulation.

Generally seen symptoms in patients of Ascites are

  • Reduced appetite
  • Sudden and unusual weight gain
  • Swelling of abdomen
  • Nausea, bloating and vomiting
  • Problem in breathing while lying
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling of ankles in some cases

Causes of Ascites

A number of factors can be blamed for Ascites but the main cause of this disease is liver. When liver stops its functionality or the unusual pressure is exerted on the vessels of the liver the body starts throwing water into the abdominal cavity causing Ascites. Some common causing factors of Ascites are

Types of ascites

Ascites is categorized in to two categories depending upon its severity and treatment required.

Uncomplicated Ascites

The fluid accumulated in abdomen is not infected in Uncomplicated Ascites. This type of Ascites is divided in to further three levels; Mild, Moderate and Severe on the basis of severity. In mild condition the fluids can be detected with the help of ultrasound only while moderate condition shows symmetric swelling of abdomen and in severe condition the extreme abdominal swelling is noticed.

Refractory Ascites

Refractory Ascites refers to the condition where fluids are not easily removable from the body. In such condition simple diuretics or a diet with low sodium content is not enough to get rid of fluid from the body rather some more aggressive treatment is needed.

How to diagnose Ascites

Diagnosis of Ascites passes through different stages. After proper examination of swollen abdomen, the physician will suggest some tests or in some cases advances scanning to know the presence and quantity of fluid.

Personal Examination

The doctor may check the presence of fluid inside the chest cavity and abdominal region with the help of stethoscope or applying pressure with his hands.

Urine and Blood Tests

A number of urine and blood tests performed; liver function test (LFT), kidney function test (RFT), protein level measurement, cell count, cytology etc.; can help in the detection of the fluid inside the cavity of the patient as well as the stage of the Ascites.

CT Scan

Next step after the physical examination and lab tests is to make patient pass through CT scan in order to find the true condition of the problem.


On the confirmation of Ascites doctor may collect the sample of fluid directly from the abdomen with the help of a needle and pass it through analysis in lab to check the causes of the fluid accumulation, if he thinks necessary.

Safe Homeopathic Treatment for Ascites in Rawalpindi Pakistan.

A number of best remedies in Homeopathic are found to relieve the symptoms of Ascites abruptly and efficiently. Some of the best Homeo remedies are as follow


A much effective homeopathic medicine for the patients of Ascites with the symptoms like dark urine and insufficient stool is Helleborous. This medicine is especially best when the patient suffers from the condition in which the stool passed is so loose that it looks like a jelly.

China Off

China off is the best medicine for the patients of Ascites when cough is the outcome. Patient may suffer dry but short cough sometimes with and sometimes without expectoration, China off provides the best remedy for such symptoms. Some other symptoms during Ascites that demand this remedy are pale yellow skin, feelings of chilliness and pulse that is weak and small. Ascites associated with loss of vital fluids is also best treated using this medicine, China off.

Arsenic Album

The accumulation of water inside the abdomen as in Ascites make the patient feel difficulty in standing or laying straight on his back. Additionally, patient gets too weak to feel much fatigue in performing any action. Arsenic Album is one of the best remedies for such patients to cope with such symptoms. The restlessness and the extreme thirst is also seen in patients of Ascites. Arsenic Album helps in relieving such symptoms in the patients efficiently.

Apis Mel

Apis Mel is the Homeo remedy for Ascites in case where fever is one of the outcome of the disease. The patient may feel loss of thirst along with inadequate urge of passing urine. The Ascites may also be associated with the symptoms like pale yellow, transparent and swelling of skin. This medicine is especially helpful in the cases when the symptoms of Ascites become worst by heat but get better in cold areas.

Thlaspi Burp Q

The fluid accumulated inside the body causing Ascites may have some impurities inside it depending upon the cause of fluid accumulation. There is a chance of urinary tract issues in the patients of Ascites like reduced urine, change in color, sediments like brick dust inside the urine and difficulty in passing urine. These urine related issues may worsen the condition of the patient as well as can cause edema in different parts of body including lungs. Thlaspi Burp Q can serve the best remedy in order to ease aforesaid symptoms.

Apocynum Can Q

Apocynum is the best Homeo remedy for Ascites where patient feels extreme thirst but a low urge to urinate. Prolonged fever and its after effects can also be best treated using this medicine. Additionally, the aggravation to cold drinks and water can also be controlled using Apocynum.

Zincum Met

A best Homeo remedy for Ascites is Zincum Met. This is the medicine for the patients who have kidney issues as an after effect of Ascites. The complaints of pain and unbearable sensations experienced inside the kidney can be met using Zincum Met.


The patient during Ascites becomes so sensitive that he can not even tolerate the clothes touching his abdominal region. He urges to lie while keeping his abdomen bare. Lachesis helps in relieving such inconveniencies in the patients of Ascites.

Please do not use any of these medicines on your own without consulting a professional homeopathic doctor.

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