Dr. Sabeel has an experience of more than 19 years and has cured hundreds of patients suffering from Hepatitis, Anal Fistula, Kid stones, cancer & lumber spondylitis. 


diarrhea Definition, Causes,and Best Homeopathic Treatment.

Definition Diarrhea is a digestive problem. It causes loose, watery bowel movements. It can make a person feel uncomfortable for a few hours or days. After […]

External Haemorrhoids and its homeopathic treatment

Definition of External Haemorrhoids. External Haemorrhoids is a point where blood clumps in the haemorrhoids, they become thrombosed. This is the point at which they cause […]

Urinary tract infection Can be Cure in Homeopathy?

What is Urinary tract Infection ? Urinary tract Infection (UTI) is a disease in your urinary tract. The urinary tract is the body’s seepage framework. Waste […]

Case Studies

Kidney stones and ovarian cyst Cured by Homeopathic medicine

This latest case study of left ovarian cyst associated with Crystals on right kidney and left kidney stones cured from homeopathic treatment by dr sabeel. This […]

Mrs Robina Rafiq cured from Hepatitis C by the Homeopathic Treatment

Mrs. Robina Rafiq diagnosed HCV Positive and was suffering from the Hepatitis C symptoms. Here are the details of patient and her brief case history: Patient’s […]

Fahim Ullah cured from Anal Fistula after Homeopathic Treatment

Here is one of more case study of patient Fahim Ullah who was cured from Anal fistula by the homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. […]

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