Basic Causes of Chorea Symptoms Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment Remedies

By Dr Sabeel | February 14, 2019

What is Chorea?

Chorea may be termed as a disorder that can lead to unpredictable and involuntary movements of body parts like face, shoulders and hips. Chorea may vary from minor fidgeting movements to uncontrollable body movements. It is likely to have issues like speaking, posture, swallowing and of gait. Chorea generally gets worst while trying to make voluntary movements or during anxiety but it is less problematic when sleeping.

Passible Causes of Chorea.

The basic cause of Chorea is genetic mutation while many other unrelated symptoms are seen in the patients like

  • Inheritance
  • Genetic disorder like Huntington’s disease
  • Immunity attacking infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Drugs used to cope with depression or nervous system disorder
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid issues
  • Metabolic disorders

Main Symptoms of chorea

The symptoms of the Chorea are dependent upon the factors causing it. Normally seen symptoms of Chorea at different stages are

Types of Chorea

Chorea may be categorized as per the conditions associated to it in following categories

Huntington’s Disease

It is an inherited chorea caused due to the breakdown of the brain cells. Normally the patients of this disease show symptoms like writhing or jerking that worsen with the passage of time. “Milkmaid’s Grip”, condition in which the muscles of hands are too weak to apply pressure with these while handshake.

Chorea Acanthocytosis

It is a rare genetic condition characterized by abnormal red cells. This type of Chorea leads to neurological abnormalities that cause malfunctioning of brain. Abnormal movements of legs and arms, rapid but purposeless face movements, pelvic pushes and shoulder shrugs are normally seen in this type of Chorea.

Sydenham’s Chorea

This type of Chorea affects face, hands and arms mostly and is generally seen in children or young ones. Sydenham’s Chorea may hinder the basic voluntary movements causing difficulty in the performance of routine tasks like having food, changing dress etc. The patients in this type also have no control over their tongue as well as has Milkmaid’s grip.

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What are the Diagnosis of chorea

Chorea is not difficult to diagnose. Thorough physical check up, family history review and neurological examination of patient is enough to diagnose this disease.

Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatrist can help in finding traces of Chorea by asking some questions about patient’s emotional state, behaviour patterns, skills to judge and qualities to cope with circumstances.

Neurological Examination

The neurologist can help in diagnosis of Chorea performing some tests or asking specific question about reflex actions, balance and coordination, senses, mental status and mood swings.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Some specific tests performed by neurologist about memory, mental sharpness, logic and reasoning can also help in diagnosis of Chorea.

Imaging Scans

The doctor can demand for imaging scans like CT scan and MRI to get a complete picture of brain that can help in diagnosis of abnormalities and different types of Chorea.

Genetic testing

Once the doctor is sure about the presence of issue in patient, next step is to identify defective gene. This is possible with the genetic testing especially when there is no family history of disease.

Safe and perfect Homeopathic Remedies for Chorea

Tarantula Hisp

Chorea with its severe symptoms like trembling in whole body, irregular and violent movements, inability to sit, swallow, speak, stand or even walk can be best treated with Homeo medicine Tarantula Hisp. This medicine is especially helpful when patient feels right side affected mostly with contraction continued even at the night. Other symptoms that ask for this medicine are fainting, anxiety, oppressed cardiac region, pain in muscles due to contraction or rigidity and all these symptoms worsen on touch or pressure. Such patient can feel better when on bed or his attention is diverted.


The patients of Chorea may suffer from the symptoms of verminous irritation, pale face, distorted eyes, nostrils irritation, facial edema, increased thirst, sweating of feet with unpleasant odor and restlessness during sleep. Such symptoms can be best relieved with the Homeo medicine Silicea.

Nux Vomica

The Chorea associated with numbness of muscles, unsteady gait and crawling like sensations in the affected areas find its best remedy Nux Vomica. The symptoms of lack of appetite and constipation that is higher at morning time can also be relieved using this medicine.


Opium is the best Homeo remedy for Chorea when associated with emotional stress. The symptoms of trembling of head, hands and arms, spasmodic jerking and continuous forward and backward movement of arms are also the indications to use Opium for relief.

Secale Cor

Chorea associated with irregular twitching that starts from the face and spreads to the whole body, jerky attacks in the diaphragm and chest muscles, breathlessness and painful stretching of abdominal muscles demands Homeopathic medicine Secale Cor for instant relief. This medicine also helps in relieving the distorted or foolish behaviour as normally seen in patients of Chorea.


The bacterial infection of facial hair that results in inflammation of face is one of the possible outcome of Chorea. Other symptoms like cravings of food, soreness of mouth, dried hair, ill humoured and stubbornly behaviour is also seen in some of the patients of Chorea. Thuja is the best Homeo remedy for the patient who suffer from aforesaid symptoms.

Zincum Met

 The Chronic Chorea with the symptoms of depression, muscular twitching, body jerks especially during sleep, yelling as in case of frightened and continuous and restless movement of feet while in bed can be best treated with the Homeo remedy Zincum Met. Such Chorea normally aggravates after having dinner or alcohol as well as with body exertion like exercise.

Sticta Pul

Chorea sometime associated with hysteria may show extreme and violent symptoms in the patients and ask for Sticta Pul as its best remedy. The other symptoms indicating this Homeo remedy are limited movements, intensity of symptom in the evening, jumping and dancing movements in the legs and feet and the last but not least the feelings as if legs are floating when lay down.


Causticum is one of the best Homeo remedies for Chorea when muscles of right side of the body including tongue, face, arms and even legs are affected more than the left side muscles. Such patients also experience difficulty in speaking, walking and sleeping. The patient is restless during sleep and gets exhausted while continuously changing positions. Causticum has been proved the best to relief all such symptoms.

Please do not use any of these medicines on your own without consulting a professional homeopathic doctor.

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