How Dysmenorrhea Cure Using Homeopathic Medicine ?

By Dr Sabeel | February 14, 2019

Definition of Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is the term associated with the monthly blood flow or menstruation of women. It refers to the pain that some of women feel during the time of their menstruation. It is normal to have cramps at the start of menstruation period but some women feel too annoying pain to affect their routing activities.

Reason of Dysmenorrhea

There are normally no underlying causes of dysmenorrhea and it is very common among girls having heavy blood flow, low body weight, early started periods.  But it is sometimes caused due to following

  • Uterine fibroids (smooth muscle tumours of uterus)
  • Ovarian cysts (fluid filled sac within ovary)
  • Adenomyosis (abnormal presence of endometrial tissues)
  • Endometriosis (inflammation of inner lining of uterus)
  • Pelvic congestion (pelvic vein incompetence)

Main key Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea

Following are the symptoms of painful periods.

Common Types of Dysmenorrhea

There are two types of Dysmenorrhea. The types of dysmenorrhea are described as follows

Primary Dysmenorrhea

In this type, the pain has no underlying cause and it is very common among girls. These are also known as common cramps during menstruation. The hormonal changes and ovulation is associated with this type.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

This type of period pain is caused due to some problem.  Endometriosis is the most common cause of secondary Dysmenorrhea. In addition, pelvis congestion, adenomyosis, leiomyoma and ovarian cysts also cause secondary dysmenorrhea.

How to Diagnose Dysmenorrhea?

Physical Exam

Dysmenorrhea is normal in women but still doctor may perform a complete physical examination in case to check infection or abnormalities in reproductive organ of the woman, if he suspects any disorder.

Imaging Scans

If the cramps seem abnormal or doctors suspects any abnormality inside the woman after physical exam, he may ask for scans like Ultrasound, CT scan and even MRI of reproductive organs including uterus, ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes to get complete details.


Laparoscopy is the advanced stage, though not normally needed in case of dysmenorrhea, in which a tube holding camera is passed through the uterus through small incisions in the abdominal region. The pictures and video captured by the camera help in detection of any issue like fibroids, cysts, pregnancy inside the tubes, endometriosis or any corrosion inside the reproductive organs causing pain.

Dysmenorrhea Diagnosis

Homeopathic Treatment for Dysmenorrhea


In cases the dysmenorrhea comes with the symptoms like intense pain that arises and relieves suddenly accompanied with heat need Homeo medicine Belladonna for relief. Belladonna is the best friend of the woman who feels an early to time bright red blood flow with restlessness, light sensitivity, heavy pulse and extreme cramps that become even worst on touch. Such women feel difficulty in walking and bending as their pain increases but sitting and pressure over belly gives them relief.


 The menstrual cramps with intense pain in abdomen as well as associated with fatigue and dizziness finds Cocculus best remedy. The woman also feels symptoms like headache, numbness of body parts and nausea. Cocculus is especially suggested when the pain hinders proper sleep and woman feels pain while standing and on exertion.


Chamomilla is the best remedy for dysmenorrhea when it is associated with the emotional behaviour of the woman. The menstrual blood is deep red with clotting and the pain is unbearable extending from pelvic region to the thighs. This pain normally becomes intense in the night or after the woman is irritated or angry. Chamomilla helps such women in relieving pain.


Woman sometimes feels loads of emotional and physical pressure before the menstrual blood starts flowing as it makes them feel sensitive. She may suffer from headache, heat sensations, downwards sensations in pelvic region and intolerance for touch around her waist and neck. Lachesis is the best remedy for such woman as it gives her both physical and emotional relief.


Pulsatilla is the best remedy in case of dysmenorrhea when the menstrual cycle is delayed or in some cases suppressed duet to hormonal change. There may be some cramping pain associated with bearing down sensations and mood swings followed by sensitive emotional, may be tearful, state demanding attention. The blood in such cases may be inadequate or thick with dark coloured clotted discharge. Pulsatilla is the only option to ease aforesaid symptoms.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is the Homeo remedy for the women who undergo irregular period cycles. Such women feel constricting pain that extends toward the tailbone or rectum during periods. The change in cycle makes women sensitive, impatient, offended, irritating and even constipated. The cramping pain in such cases worsens when exposed to some stress, physical and emotional exertion, anger and even specific foods. Rest and warmth along with Nux can help a lot.

Veratrum Album

The menstrual blood with heavy flow and extreme cramping with other symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, exhaustion and chilliness ask for Veratrum Album Homeo medicine. This medicine is especially the best when the periods starts before time and prolong for long time; the night and cold environment aggravates the pain and discomfort. Body movement like exercise or the warm milk or water increases the cramps while cold drinks and warm clothes may ease the condition.


Women are likely to suffer from swelling or edema during their periods along with extreme pelvic pain and in some cases soreness of pubic bone. Bovista is the best Homeo medicine in such cases of dysmenorrhea. The awkward or clumsy feelings as well as diarrhoea are the other symptoms demanding Bovista. Additionally, the blood flow is high at night and sometimes may absent at the day time; is the strong indication of Bovista.


Sepia is the best Homeo remedy when menstruation is late, painful and with the feelings like sagging uterus or weak pelvic floor. Irritation and sad mood in women is common with high urge to stay alone. Wet conditions like sweating or working in dampen surroundings may worsen the symptoms while warmth and physical activity may boost the mood of the woman.


Sabina is one of the best remedies in case of dysmenorrhea associated with extreme pain that spreads down towards root of thighs. Sabina is especially helpful to relieve the pain of menstruation when blood is red coloured and clotted.  

Important Note: Please do not use any of these medicines on your own without consulting a professional homeopathic doctor.

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