What are Uterine Fibroids and How Treatment is Done in Homeopathy?

By Dr Sabeel | August 27, 2015

What are Fibroids or Uterine Fibroids?

This problem is seen in women. Sometimes some non-cancerous growths (benign tumors), made up of fibrous tissue and smooth muscle, develop around or inside the uterus. These growths are called fibroids and also known as leiomyomas or uterine myomas.

As you can see in following image, fibroids can develop at different locations inside and around the uterus including:

  • Fibroid within uterine wall
  • Fibroid within the inside layer of uterine wall
  • Fibroid outside the uterus attached by a stem
  • Fibroid within the outside layer of uterine wall

What Causes Uterine Fibroids?

The exact reason of fibroid development is not known but it is believed that this condition is linked to female reproductive hormone called Oestrogen. Oestrogen is produced by female reproductive organ (Ovaries). It is seen that fibroids develop in women of ages 16-50 when oestrogen productions are at their highest levels. It is also observed that fibroids are more common in over-weighed women because increase in weight results in more production of oestrogen.

There are lesser chances of fibroids in women who have had children. 

What are Common Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids?

In most of the cases, women don’t know that they have fibroids. The reason is lack of any clear symptoms.

It is seen that women who have following symptoms usually have fibroids:

If any woman has these symptoms then she must consult her physician for proper checkup. In some rare cases fibroids can result in infertility or difficulty during pregnancy.

Focused Ultrasound is done to diagnose Uterine Firboid.

How Uterine Fibroids Can Be Diagnosed?

Fibroids can be diagnosed by following methods:

  • Physical vaginal examination
  • Abdominal Ultrasound Scan
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Biopsy

Common Allopathic Treatment Methods to Treat Fibroids

Sometimes No Treatment Needed: If there are no symptoms of Fibroids then no treatment is done. Usually fibroids go away after the menopause.

Medications to Treat Fibroids: If fibroids are present with their symptoms then it is needed to do treatment. In this case certain medications are given. Most of the medicines usually minimize the symptoms, like heavy periods, to give quick relief. Some medicines shrink the fibroids while some others control the production of oestrogen.

Surgery: If medicines are not effective in controlling the symptoms, then surgery or operation is recommended by physicians. During surgery fibroids are removed. Sometimes womb of woman may be removed completely, if she no longer wants more children. Surgery is very painful, expensive and associated with lots of side effects.

How Safe and Perfect Treatment of Fibroids is Done in Homeopathy?

In homeopathy there is no need of operation or surgery to remove fibroids. Medicines are very effective and can remove the fibroids from body without any side effects. Patient will start seeing improvement in the symptoms after few weeks. Within few months, usually, all symptoms are gone and fibroids are dead and removed from body. There are almost zero chances of recurring of fibroids, once treatment has been completed using homeopathic medicines. After treatment is complete, patient is not required to take any further medicine and she can live a normal healthy life.

Some homeopathic medicines to treat fibroids include:

  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Thlaspi Bursa
  • Trillium Pendulum
  • Fraxinus Americana

Please note that we have mentioned these medicines for informational and educational purposes only. Don’t use any medicine without consulting your homeopathic doctor. Every patient needs different remedy depending upon the symptoms and condition.

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