Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic Treatment of Liver Cancer

By Dr Sabeel | August 14, 2014

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver is very important part of our body. The main function of liver is to convert nutrients, absorbed by digestive system, into ready to use chemicals. Liver also removes toxins, certain chemicals and other waste products from blood and make them ready to be excreted. All blood of body passes through liver.

The most common type of liver cancer is called Hepatocellular Carcinoma also known as HCC. This cancer starts within the cells of liver known as hepatocytes.

Other types of liver cancers are called secondary cancers or metastatic cancers because these cancer start in some other parts of body and then spreads to liver and affect it later.

What Causes Liver Cancer?

Following are the main causes of liver cancer:

  • Persons with liver defects by birth
  • Liver infections caused by Hepatitis B, C or excessive iron in liver cells
  • Cirrhosis Disease
  • Excessive Body Weight
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Certain chemicals like arsenic and vinyl chloride
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Alcohol Usage

Common Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Most patients don’t see any symptoms in early stages of liver cancer. They usually appear later. The common symptoms seen in most of the liver cancer patients are:

  • Pain in upper abdominal area
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Swelling of abdomen
  • Increased weight loss
  • Decreased appetite
  • Stools become white and chalky
  • Skin and eyes become yellow

How Liver Cancer Can Be Diagnosed?

Usually following tests are conducted to diagnose the liver cancer and its severity:

  1. Various blood tests to determine any liver abnormalities
  2. Imaging tests including CT Scan, Ultrasound and MRI.
  3. Biopsy – In this test some tissues are take from liver and are examined under microscope.

Allopathic Ways to Treat Liver Cancer

The most common ways to treat liver cancer in Allopathy are:

  • Surgery to remove affected part of liver or to do complete liver transplant
  • Freezing cancer cells
  • Heating cancer cells by Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Alcohol injection into tumor cells to destroy them
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

Please note that all these methods are very expensive, painful and have many side effects. These methods only work best when the liver cancer is at its earlier stages.

Homeopathic Treatment of Liver Cancer

In homeopathy, many effective medicines are there that can be used to treat liver cancer. The good thing is that you can seek treatment even if cancer is at its later stages. These medicines kill tumor cells and stop their spreading. Important medicines to cure live cancer are:

  • Chelidonium
  • Phosphorus
  • Silicea
  • Lycopodium
  • Bryonia
  • Nux. Vom
  • Lachesis
  • Taraxacum
  • Natrum Sulph

You must consult an experienced homeopathic doctor to get right medicines for treating liver cancer.

Case Study:1

Liver Cancer of Mrs. Ishrat was cured within 5 Months by homeopathic treatment of Dr. Sabeel.

Case Study:2

Liver Tumor of Mrs Shahnaz Akhtar curing after using Homeopathic Medicine medical reports are attached. 

Case study : 3

The liver tumor of patient, Maqsooda Bibi, was reduced from 9.6 cm to 8.5 cm within 2 months by homeopathic treatment.

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  1. nida sadaqat

    I was having liver cancer I consulted many doctors and even gone through chemeothrapy and radiotherapy but still no impact. then someone suggested me to visit Dr sabeel initially I didn’t believe but by consulting him I was surprised to see the immunity was improved up to remarkable prayers and regards for such an experience.

  2. rabnawaz from chiniot

    Sir my father has liver tumor last six month diagnosed 8.5cm doctor done tace for one time but after ct scan doctor says 2nd tace option cannot be done due to portal shunt so i am worried about my father health i love him very much his age is 64 yrs. Some body say me liver tumor cureable in homeopathic please help me for this treatment.

  3. Monique Damiles


    My father has been diagnosed Metastatic liver cancer earlier this month. The doctor did not advised him to undergo chemotherapy, we give him vitamins and herbs medication. What would be the other option for my father? Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks!

  4. arif

    Sir my brother age 47 has liver liver tumor last six month diagnosed 6.8 x 5.9 cm doctor done tace for one time and suggested 2nd tace .
    Can Homeo treat is effective for this .
    Kindly help and suggest medicine ,cost etc
    I shall be obliged
    Multan pakistan



  6. Sandeep Sharma

    Hello Dr. Sabeel,
    I am.writing to you from Punjab, India.
    During first week of Dec 2017, My mother was diagnosed with last stage of liver cancer (HCC), Chronic Liver Disease, Liver Cirrhosis, and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C has been cured by allopathy. My mother doesn’t have any trust on allopathy and I think thats why allopathy medicines are not working on her. Her condition is much worse now. She is in pain and after 3-4 days she has to undergo tapping for fluid removal.
    Do you have any treatment for this stage. Her age is 65 years. Her AFP is more than 20000 now. Also her lesion size is approx 10.9×9.8×9.7.
    Please advice.



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