Liver Tumor of Mrs. Maqsooda Bibi Curing By Homeopathic Treatment

By Dr Sabeel | February 9, 2016

Mrs. Maqsooda was suffering from Liver Tumor and her condition was very unstable. Here are the details of patient and her brief case history:

Patient’s Details:

Patient Name: Maqsooda Bibi

Age: 53 Years

Problem: Liver Tumor

Symptoms of Patient:

  • Burning stomach
  • Burning in feet and palms
  • Stomach pain
  • Constant Vomiting and nausea
  • Palpitation which was worst while laying down
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Anorexia (Loss of appetite)

Medical Reports Before Starting Treatment from Dr Sabeel:

Maqsooda Bibi contacted Dr. Sabeel and described her symptoms and problem in detail. The real cause or disease that was diagnosed was liver cancer. As you can see in the following reports, the size of tumor/lesion in liver was 9.6 cm.

Here are the Medical Reports Before Treatment:

These medical reports were taken on 28 September, 2015.

Treatment Started:

After showing reports and describing all symptoms to Dr. Sabeel, the treatment was started. Right medicines were given according to symptoms and condition of patient.

After about 2 months, almost all symptoms of patient were gone and patient was feeling really better. Dr. Sabeel recommended her to conduct another test for checking current status of liver tumor.

Medical Reports After 2 Month’s Treatment By Dr. Sabeel:

After 2 months, on 28 November, 2015, the liver tumor/lesion was reduced to 8.5 cm. In first report the size was 9.6 cm. This was really a great success and huge improvement.

Here are the reports:

Updated Medical Reports of Maqsoodan Bibi Treatment By Dr. Sabeel:


The liver tumor of patient, Maqsooda Bibi, was reduced from 9.6 cm to 8.5 cm within 2 months by homeopathic treatment from Dr. Sabeel. All irritating and painful symptoms of patient were also gone within 2 months. Patient is still under treatment and full recovery is highly expected in coming days. We will update this post when new reports will be available.

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