Dyspepsia Symptom Causes and Successful Treatment In Homeopathic

By Dr Sabeel | October 16, 2018

Definition of dyspepsia

Dyspepsia also known as indigestion is the continual pain and feeling of discomfort in the upper abdominal area. Though the pain is felt at intervals but this feeling lasts on regular basis. Both men and women of any age can get this discomfort feeling in their stomach.

Causes of dyspepsia 

Commonly dyspepsia is caused by

  • Overeating or eat hurriedly
  • Consume too much chocolate, oily and spicy food
  • Excessive intake of soda, alcohol and caffeine
  • Stomach infection, swelling and ulcer
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Certain drugs

Symptoms of dyspepsia 

Anyone with the following symptoms must consult to doctor as all of these or any one may point out the possibility of dyspepsia in patient.

  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Nausea and vomit
  • Bloating and loss of appetite
  • Heartburn and Burping
  • Pale skin and eyes
  • Chest pain with problem in breathing
  • Black stool

Can dyspepsia diagnosed in labs test? 

Dyspepsia generally needs no special treatment if symptoms are mild but if the symptoms last for long with high intensity then it is suggested to consult some general physician. Physician can follow any of technique to measure the nature and intensity of problem.

Physical Examination for dyspepsia 

GP may press the abdomen to judge either it is sensitive or painful if pressure exerted

Blood Test for dyspepsia  

blood test is suggested only if patient seems anemic along with dyspepsia

Specified Tests

LFT (liver factor test), stool test and pylori test are recommended to check if other parts of body are affected


X-ray, abdominal CT scan and Ultrasound may be done depending upon the nature and intensity of the problem


though no common in case of dyspepsia but doctor can ask for endoscopy if he doubts complications or cancer in intestine

Allopathic treatment for dyspepsia 

Normally a slight change in daily eating habits and lifestyle is enough to fight with Dyspepsia on its early stages but if problem continues and is getting more painful with each following day then following allopathic treatment can help.

 Antibiotics – if problem is caused due to the bacteria inside the stomach and intestine.

Anti-anxiety Drugs — can work well to reduce pain sensations and discomfort.

Acid Control Medicines – if heartburn is the issue along with indigestion then acid blocking drugs can help a lot.

Best Homeopathic treatment and names of medicines for Dyspepsia 

Nux Vomica

Best medicine for dyspepsia if it is associated with heartburn. It is also best remedy for nausea feelings after eating. Nux Vomica is also best for the constipation one of the symptom of dyspepsia. It helps in making stomach free of stool and satisfactory after relieving condition of constipation. It also helps in soothing feelings of fullness and weight in stomach.


China has proved to be the best remedy if stomach has abundant gas filled inside. It frequently relieves the bloated stomach and pain caused due to gastric problem. China helps in keeping food inside the stomach for long time that helps in regulating the excretory system of the body. It is best medicine for the condition when person is like to faint due to the weakness caused by diarrhea.


Lycopodium is very effective homeopathic medicine in case of loss of appetite. If dyspepsia shows the symptom of feeling full even after little food intake then Lycopodium may be the best remedy. Sometimes the gas starts rolling inside the stomach causing the burps and throat burning while in some conditions food produces acidity inside the stomach. Lycopodium proves to be best in both of aforesaid conditions as it relieves the stomach and throat.

Carbo Veg

Carbo Veg is a very effective natural remedy if combined with China and Lycopodium for treating gas cluttered inside the stomach. Carbo Veg alone is sufficient for relieving the gas accumulated in the upper part of the stomach. It also helps in relieving burping caused due to the gas accumulation as well as headache associated to the gastric problem. When combined other two homeopathic medicines it releases the gas from the whole stomach and bloating.


Dyspepsia, showing the symptoms of heartburn and burping that causes burning sensations in throat vomit with acidic feeling in throat, is best treated with Robinia. The best results can be obtained if it is combined with other medications used for relieving heartburn and burping like Natrum Fox and Nux Vomica.

Arsenic Album

Gastric troubles caused due to food poisoning can be caught by neck effectively while using Arsenic Album homeopathic medicine. If the patient feels nausea, cramps in stomach, vomiting or loose stool then Arsenic Album can be proved as best remedy for the symptoms. The medicine is the best when aforesaid symptoms are getting worst after taking food or drink. The severe symptoms can be relieved slowly after taking few doses of the medicine.


People who intake fatty food more in their daily routine like butter, ghee, pastries and ice cream are more likely to pass through gastric problems. Pulsatilla can be a good option for those undoubtedly. It is also best if overtaking oil causes stool loose especially in case when stool nature is changed frequently. Sometimes stool passing is associated with some chilliness in anus, Pulsatilla is also effective in such cases.


Colocynth is the remedy available in homeopathy for the cramps and pain in stomach. Stomach pain is the obvious symptom of indigestion no matter what the reason is. These cramps are sometimes too severe to make patient bending double. Colocynth serves the best in such condition. But if the pain gets out of the bound sharp with shooting and cutting effect then it is better to combine this medicine with Magnesium Phos. In case pain is felt but released as soon as stool is passed then it is different in nature and needs Nux Vomica rather than medicine mentioned before.


If dyspepsia makes a patient a rush towards the toilet or frequent need to pass stool then there is no option but Aloes in homeopathic. The best need to take Aloes is when the condition is out of control and any is getting worse with the time and further intake. Another symptom is severe pain but relieved after passing stool. Colocynth and Chine if combined with Aloes may relief the cramps and weakness of the patient.


Please note that you should NOT use any of these mentioned medicines on your own. We have listed these medicines for educational and information purpose only. Only an experienced homeopathic doctor can suggest you right medicine after looking at your signs and symptoms.

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