What is Moles Causes with Symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment

By Dr Sabeel | October 16, 2018

What is Moles?

Moles can be referred to a spot on skin that is usually black, tan or brown in color. The moles may vary in shape and appearance as these may be raised or flat; oval or round. Moles can grow in any age in men, women and children. Some children do have moles present at the time of birth while some moles appear afterwards in childhood or adulthood. Normally moles are harmless and disappear after sometime but it is suggested to visit a doctor if growth rate is abnormal or mole undergoes changes in its color and appearance as moles are likely to retain their appearance and color.

What is Mole Causes and Treatment

Causes of Moles

Moles on the skin appear when a number of cells cluster at a place. The factors that are related to mole production are

  • Inheritance
  • Exposure to sun for most of the time
  • Clustering of skin cells at one place
  • No proper cleansing of skin

Symptoms of Moles

Moles are considered harmless as these moles result in no serious problems until following symptoms appear

  • Persistent sore
  • Expanding pigmentation
  • Redness, itching and swelling in surrounding area
  • Change in appearance, surface and color of mole
  • Pain and tenderness in mole

How Moles is Diagnosed?

Doctor may check the mole and its surrounding area while pressing and touching it. He can have a clinical image of the mole and call the patient after some time to see the change. If he feels some abnormal change in the shape and size of the mole then he may refer the patient to dermatologist to check for if it is harmful or not.

Physical Examination

Dermatologist may check the mole carefully and ask some relative questions if detects a problem. He may ask some general questions to determine either mole is harmful or not like

  • change in color, shape and appearance
  • intensity of pain and itching
  • recurrence nature of moles
  • time duration
  • redness, swelling and oozing nature of mole


A suspicion during physical examination may force dermatologist to ask for biopsy. In biopsy a piece of mole is extracted under the supervision of specialist and is sent to test the cancer in the lab. Biopsy is helpful in determining the nature and intensity of the cancer if mole is a representative of it.

Allopathic treatment for Moles

Moles are not treated by the doctors as these are harmless and cause no suffering to the person. But in cases when moles are itchy and cause pain then dermatologist may undergo some treatment. Dermatologist may also treat mole either bothering or not if he suspects it as cancerous. Only possible remedy in allopathic for mole is, remove it.

Any of following procedure would be done by the dermatologist to remove the mole from the skin depending upon the size of the mole

Surgical Excision

In surgical excision dermatologist cuts the whole mole after numbing the surrounding skin. After the mole is cut the skin is stitch to fill the gap of mole in the skin. In Excision whole mole is removed at a time no matter how big mole is.

Surgical Shave

If the mole is small in size then dermatologist prefers shaving rather than excision. In this procedure the skin is numbed and the mole raised above the skin is removed from the top using a small sized blade. Though in this procedure mole is shaved and not cut thus it needs no stitches. The skin heals after little time.

Can Moles Treatable Using Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines to remove moles from the skin in a very effective way. Though the treatment may take time but it will save the patient to pass through any surgical procedure and side effects.

Some of the most effective medicines in homeopathy for the treatment of moles are

Fluoricum Acidum and Thuja

Fluoricum Acidum and Thuja are ranked as the best homeopathic medicines in case of acquired moles. Acquired moles start to appear on body on covered parts with passing age. Fluoricum is especially best remedy for such moles in children having cracked and dry skin as symptom. The brown colored moles that are either birthmarks or developed due to dirt are best treated with Thuja.

Sulphur and Cundurango

Some moles make their place on the skin anywhere in body from the birth as birthmark. These birthmarks or congenital moles can be removed using two top medicines named Sulphur and Cundurango. The smooth birthmarks are well treated with Cundurango as well as the moles associated with cancerous cells. While moist and brown in color congenital moles can be treated with Sulphur effectively. Sulphur is also the best if the skin of the mole feels denuded in appearance and sore in touch.

Platina and Carbo Vegetabilis

Some moles look like a spider in appearance and need a special medicine to be cured. Best homeopathic medicine for such moles is Platina and Carbo Vegetabilis. The latter medicine especially shows best results in case of spidery nevi birthmarks on the moist skin. But if these moles come with sharp pricking pain leading to urge of scratching then the best option is Platina.

Calcarea Carbonica and Phosphorous

Sometimes the pigment develops deep inside the skin rather than be apparent. In such cases the color of the mole turns blue. Such blue moles are generally seen on the areas of chest or lower abdomen. These blue moles are different in nature though no much harmful but still demand different treatment instead in case of normal moles. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorous can serve the best to treat bluish moles. But if moles are red but later on turn blue are not same as bluish moles thus need different medicine. Thus changing moles can be treated with Calcarea Carbonica.


Some moles do not fit in generic category as they are associated to special circumstances like yellowish itchy moles seen in young girls at the age of their puberty or concerned to their periodic cycle.   These moles not only look bad to eyes but also irritate severely due to the itching. The reason of such moles is the bad eating habits and improper hygiene. Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is the best to save girls from the inconvenience caused from such moles.


Please note that you should NOT use any of these mentioned medicines on your own. We have listed these medicines for educational and information purpose only. Only an experienced homeopathic doctor can suggest you right medicine after looking at your signs and symptoms.

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