Successful Treatment of Lymphoma Using Homeopathic medicine In Rawalpindi Pakistan

By Dr Sabeel | October 16, 2018

Definition of Lymphoma

White cells known as lymphocytes inside our body play a vital role in fighting against the invaders. Thus these cells maintain the immunity system of the body so it is not affected by the diseases. The type of cancer that attacks some of these cells is known as Lymphoma. This cancer starts its action attacking white cells but gradually makes place in the body spreading its roots and covering the wide area.

What are the Causes of Lymphoma?

The true reason of lymphoma is weak immunity system affected by some infection. Other general causes observed in patients of Lymphoma are
• Exposure to radiation
• Infections attacking immunity system
• Genetic diseases
• Viral infections
• Autoimmune disease

Important Symptoms of Lymphoma

Symptoms commonly seen in patients of Lymphoma are
• Continuous fever with no infection
• Unconditional weight loss
• Loss or decrease in appetite
• Fatigue
• Swelling of lymph nodes
Cough with difficulty in breathing

How to Diagnose Lymphoma through laboratory Test? 

Lymphoma like other types of cancer is not likely to be diagnosed at its early stage as the symptoms associated with this are generally attached to other common diseases. Only symptom study and physical examination is not enough to diagnose Lymphoma in a patient. Special procedures like biopsy, imaging study and a series of blood test indicates the problem and its stage.
Following procedures are adopted to diagnose Lymphoma in patients

Blood Test for Lymphoma

Doctor on suspicion can ask patient to undergo series of certain blood tests. The blood test is the initial step just to know if the patient is infected with Lymphoma. Certain value regarding number of white blood cells can indicate the problem only. The sage and condition of the patient is difficult to describe on the basis of these tests.

Can Biopsy help full in Lymphoma?

Biopsy is the true study of cancer inside the body. If doctor suspicions Lymphoma or blood test indicate the presence of it then the next step is biopsy to know the true picture. Biopsy clarifies the area cancer has occupied as well as the stage and nature of the tumor. Biopsy can be done in different ways; it me be done by a needle inseminated in the skin to acquire tissue sample or it may be done with tube to take the direct sample from the tumor. In some cases a sample from bone marrow is obtained if Lymphoma has affected the tissues of bones. What the method is used for the biopsy depends upon the condition of the patient.

Lymphoma Imaging Study

Imaging study like X-Ray, MRI and CT scan is done to know the location and the area covered by the tumor once it is confirmed that patient is suffering from Lymphoma. X-Ray is done to view the tumor in easily visible areas like chest while CT scan is done for the areas where X-Ray is not satisfactory like deep in body, brain etc. CT scan also provides details more keenly than X-Ray. Another imaging option available is MRI that is more accurate in results then both of aforesaid technologies in providing details of the tumor. These day a new technology PET is used for cancer patients that is the most accurate technology providing best imaging for the tumor.

Allopathic Way to Treat Lymphoma 

Treatment of Lymphoma depends upon its stage and type. Treatment options available in allopathic for Lymphoma are

Steroids – steroids are the artificial hormones that enhance metabolism are injected in the body to kill Lymphoma

Surgery—surgery is done to remove the affected area of body with Lymphoma

Biologic Therapy – microorganisms inserted in body through drugs to enhance immune system to fight cancer cells

Antibody Therapy – synthetic antibodies thrown in bloodstream to combat cancer cells

Chemotherapy – aggressive treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells

Radiation – high power radioactive waves are directly delivered to the cancer cells to destroy them

Stem Cells Transplantation – radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used to restore bone marrow in case Lymphoma has damaged that

Can Lymphoma Treat able Using Homeopathic Medicine?

Lymphoma can be best treated with homeopathic medicines without any danger to health. Medicine used in homeopathy for the treatment of Lymphoma can eradicate the tumor cell from the body on permanent basis.

Arsenicum ALB 30

It is best medicine in case of Lymphoma as it maintains the loss body suffers during disease. Arsenicum ALB is also capable of controlling the cancer cells to grow inside the body. It controls the symptoms like weakness, restlessness, weight loss and aggravation during different parts of the day.

Calcaria Carb 30

Best homeopathic medicine in the cases of Lymphoma where lymphatic glands enlarge especially in case of cervical glands.

Arsenic Iodide 3X

Best medicine for Lymphoma to control the symptoms like weakness, diarrhea, recurrent fever, chilliness, sweats etc.

Ceanothus Q

Ceanothus Q is the special medicine available in Homeopathy for the cases where Lymphoma causes increase in spleen.

Corydalis Formosa Q

Lymphoma in its advance stages results in swelling of lymphatic glands. The patients especially of older age suffer from dry scabs on their faces at this stage. Corydalis Formosa Q is the best option for such patients to help relieve pain due to swollen glands and contraction of the face due to scaly scabs.

China 30

China 30 is the best homeopathic medicine for the patient suffering from Lymphoma with the symptoms of recurrent fever, enlarged spleen and chill. China 30 also helps in solving issues of bowel, dry and hot skin that arise as a result of Lymphoma.

Ecinacea Q

The pain for the patient gradually increase as he moves through different stages of the disease especially in last stages it becomes unbearable. Ecinacea Q helps in decreasing the intensity of such pain as well as it boosts the immunity system of the body producing white cells that are healthy and capable of fighting cancer cells.

Iodum 3X

Lymphoma that makes lymph glands swollen can be well treated with the help of Iodum 3X. This medicine helps the patient while boosting the immunity system and results in modification and removal of all of the white cells that are abnormal in their appearance and functionality.


Please note that you should NOT use any of these mentioned medicines on your own. We have listed these medicines for educational and information purpose only. Only an experienced homeopathic doctor can suggest you right medicine after looking at your signs and symptoms.

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