Mrs. Nasreen Ali Cured From Anal Fistula By Homeopathic Treatment

By Dr Sabeel | September 18, 2015

Here is another case study of patient who was cured from Anal fistula by the homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sabeel.

Information About Patient:

Name: Mrs. Nasreen Ali

Gender: Female

Residence: Islamabad, Pakistan

Age: 52 Years at the time of treatment

Contact Date: Patient contacted Dr. Sabeel on 27 November, 2014

What is Anal Fistula

Medical Problem of Patient:

Symptoms and Problems: An abscess was formed around anus which secreted blood and sugar most of the time. Pinching and pain during and after stools was observed. Indigestion and pain in stomach was also seen.

Disease Diagnosed: Anal Fistula

Medical Test Done: Pelvic MRI Scan

Medical Report (Pelvic MRI Scan) Before Starting Treatment from Dr. Sabeel:

Patient contacted Dr. Sabeel on 17 Nov, 2014 and told him about her condition and symptoms mentioned above. Symptoms were clearly indicating that patient had Anal Fistula. Dr. Sabeel suggested Mrs. Nasreen to take Pelvic MRI Scan to find the complexity of Anal Fistula Tract.

Following MRI Scan was done on 17 December, 2014:

Report clearly indicated the presence of Fistula along the left lateral wall of anal canal. Perianal Intersphincteric fistula was also seen. Surgery was suggested by physicians within 2 months.

Treatment After MRI Scan Report:

Treatment was started one month before above MRI report. After looking at above MRI Scan report, Dr. Sabeel understood the complexity, route and length of fistula tract. Dr. Sabeel ensured the patient that there was no need of surgery and problem can be controlled by homeopathic medicines.

After observing all symptoms and nature of patient, the right medicines were given to Mrs. Nasreen. Within few weeks the patient started feeling better. The pus and blood discharge from fistula was greatly reduced but condition was not fully cured.

Dr. Sabeel kept on changing the medicines with changing conditions of patient. The medication was done continuously for 3 months. Now the pus and blood was not coming from fistula any more. The fistula wound was completely dry and healed. All pain and itching around anal area was also vanished.

The Anal Fistula of Mrs. Nasreen Ali had cured. But to confirm the situation another MRI Scan was recommended by Dr. Sabeel.

Medical Report (Pelvic MRI Scan) After 3 Months of Treatment:

This MRI Scan was done on 01 March, 2015:

This report clearly mentioned that No active peri-anal fistula or abscess formation was noted. Anal Fistula was 100% cured as indicated in above report.


The Anal Fistula of Mrs. Nasreen Ali was 100% cured in 3 months without any operation, by homeopathic treatment of Dr. Sabeel. If you or your loved one is suffering from this condition then don’t hesitate to contact. Anal fistula can be fully cured without operation using safe homeopathic medicines. The treatment is short, inexpensive and safe.

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  1. REhmat

    Slam Resoected Sir,
    I am also a Homeopathic doctor. First of all i want to pay greetings to you for this success. infact you worked fine and caused to earn good name for our “HOMEOPATHIC” way of treatment. You worked hard and with complete devotion. i have one complain and i hope you will never mind. you gave all the history of the patient to us, but you did not mention the medicines you used. if you kindly tell us, i will be grateful to you for this act of kindness.
    May God bestow more power to your elbow.


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