Mrs. Nafeesa Cured From Anal Fistula By Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

By Dr. Sabeel | February 10, 2018

Here is one of more case study of patient who was cured from Anal fistula by the homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed.

Patient Information:

Name: Mrs. Nafeesa

Gender: Female

Residence: Islamabad, Pakistan

Age: 33 Years at the time of treatment

Contact Date: Patient contacted Dr. Sabeel in February 2017.

Medical Problem of Patient:

Symptoms and Problems:

Daily pus comes from fistula track
Pain during stool
Unable to sit long time

Disease Diagnosed: Anal Fistula

Medical Test Done: MRI Perianal Fistula Scan

Medical Report (MRI PERIANAL FISTULA) Before Starting Treatment from Dr. Sabeel:

Treatment After MRI Scan Report:

This report clearly mentioned that No active peri-anal fistula or abscess formation was noted. Anal Fistula was 100% cured as indicated in above report.


The Anal Fistula of Mrs. Nafeesa was 100% cured in 3 months without any operation, by homeopathic treatment of Dr. Sabeel. If you or your loved one is suffering from this condition then don’t hesitate to contact. Anal fistula can be fully cured without operation using safe homeopathic medicines. The treatment is short, inexpensive and safe.

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Nafeesa Cured From Anal Fistula By Homeopathic Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

  1. Muhammad Ibrahim Bhayo sukkur

    Dr sb mene aap se taqreeba 6 months treatment krwai magar koi result nhn Mila aap record check kr sakty hn aap ne kaha tha k 2 month me faida hoga


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