Homeopathic Treatment of Anal Fistula Without Operation in Pakistan

By Dr Sabeel | March 11, 2014

What is Anal Fistula?

Anal fistula is most common and most problematic type of fistula. In anal fistula a path or connection starts from anus or rectum and ends up to outer skin around anus. In some conditions fistula may anus and vagina in females. Usually there is one fistula opening near anus, but in complex conditions there may be 2 or more openings. This condition is seen more in men as compared to women. The complex condition of Anal fistula may be result of intestinal tuberculosis or Crohn’s disease.

Common Symptoms of Anal Fistula:

The abscess or opening of fistula near anus secretes pus almost all the type. Sometimes the abscess is closed for a day or two and then bursts releasing lots of pus and traces of blood. Sometimes mixture of blood and pus is drained from abscess. The fistula abscess does not heal and will continue discharging pus for many years until it is treated. Itching and pain in the anal abscess is common. Constipation of diarrhea may also be seen in some patients.

Should I Go For Surgery to Treat Anal Fistula?

In Allopathy treatment surgery or operation is the only way to treat fistula. But it is usually seen that fistula is not completely healed by operation. In most of the cases, it comes back again after few months or years. Most of the times 2-3 operations are necessary to completely remove fistula. This is a painful and expensive method of treatment and there is no guarantee that patient will be healed completely.

Is There Any Treatment of Anal Fistula in Homeopathy?

In homeopathy Anal fistula is can be treated effectively. It is seen that fistula patients are healed completely within 3-6 months depending on severity of condition. Dr. Sabeel has vast experience in treating anal fistula patients. No matter how old your fistula is, it can be removed completed without any operation or surgery.

The treatment of anal fistula usually begins by a meeting with Dr. Sabeel. The symptoms and signs are examined. If fistula is very old or complex then tests for tuberculosis or Crohn’s disease are done.

How Long Will It Take to Heal my Anal Fistula Using Homeopathy Medicine?

In Homeopathic treatment medicines are given to help in healing the wound and controlling the infection. In this treatment fistula tract is closed and from within first. Once all internal fistula tract is healed and dried, the outer fistula opening is healed and closed. Once fistula is healed by homeopathy medicines, there are almost zero chances of recurrence. Fistula patients are advised to show patience while treatment because it may take 4-8months to heal completely.

Common Homeopathic Medicines For Fistula Treatment:

Common medicines used to treat anal fistula in homeopathy .

Berberis Vulgaris 

Constant urging to stool.Diarrhea (watery and acrid stool) pain full clay colored, burring and smarting in anus and perineum.

Nitricum Acidum

Rectum feel torn. Bowels constipated with fistula.

pinching pain during and after stool.

Abdominal pain relieved from tightening of clothes.


Constipated; larg, difficult,knotty stool united by mucus threads.

Prolapse diarrhea stool are brown fluid mixed with undigested substance.


Silicea is very useful medicine for anal fistula.

Rectum feel paralyzed .Fistula in ano painful with spasm sphincter.

Stool comes down with difficulty when partly expelled,recedes again.

Great straining rectum stings close upon stool.

Feces remain a long time in rectum .

How Can I Start My Fistula Treatment?

No matter in which part of world you are living you can seek treatment of Fistula from Dr. Sabeel. Just send an email or call. After you have discussed your condition with Dr. Sabeel your medicines will be shipped to your address and your treatment will be started. So, don’t waste your time and health and seek professional and safe treatment of anal fistula today!

Case Study 1:

See how Mrs. Nasreen was cured from Anal Fistula within 3 months by the treatment of Dr. Sabeel using homeopathic medicines.

Case Study 2:

See how Mr. Zafeer case study who is cured from Anal Fistula within 4 months using homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sabeel.

Case Study 3:

Case study of Mr. Fahim Ullah cured from Anal Fistula with reports  

Case Study 4:

Case study of Mr. Irshad Yaqoob cured from Anal Fistula. The reports of Mr. Yaqoob are verified from labs in Saudi Arabia.

Case Study 5:

Mrs. Nafeesa Completely Cured  From Anal Fistula without surgery By Homeopathic Dr sabeel .


64 thoughts on “Homeopathic Treatment of Anal Fistula Without Operation in Pakistan

  1. M. khurram

    I recovered from chronic fistula problems from Dr. Sabeel’s treatment after having four surgeries from best hospital of Islamabad. But now i am completely fine and living a normal life. God bless him.

      1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

        Aoa Shahid. You can contact on this phone number: 0300-5125394.
        Thank you.

  2. Tahir Aziz

    aoa dr db,,,,i want to get an advice from you,plz send your email id……i wll be thankfull to you

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Walaikumassalam Tahir Aziz! You can send email to Dr. Sabeel at drsabeel@hotmail.com or call at this number: 0300-5125394

      Thank you.

      1. collen mapingure

        I am very happy to learn that my anal fistula/ abscess can be treated. I have had this illness for the past 20 years. initially it was diagnosed as piles but since the last 2 years it started producing pus and the pain is persistant and times unbearable. Help me please.

  3. Yasir Ali

    I have started Anal Fistula treatment from Dr.Sabeel and i got very good results within 20 days… I would like to advise patients of Anal Fistula if u want to avoide surgery you must visit Dr.Sabeel Homeoclinic…
    Thanks to Dr.Sabeel Ahmed 🙂

    1. raja asif

      yasir bhai aap ko jo medicens dr sahib ne batai thi aap mujhay bata saktay ho kia .mujhay anal festuila ho gya hai 4 mah se
      aap ki mehrbani ho gi

  4. Mrs.Shah

    Assalam o alaikum.

    I had to go for a fistula surgery which was really
    Painful.Even after surgery I had collection of puss
    Showed in MRI , now I am taking treatment from
    dr.sabeel .Its been one month I am feeling much
    Better …continue taking medicine nd hope for the


  5. Farreeha Ali

    Some people have Shifa in their hands and Dr Sabeel is blessed with that. i highly recommend those who r fed up of using allopathic medicines and want to seek cure within their comfort zone,should consult Dr Sabeel at least once. i highly recommend patients of Anal Fissure and Anal Fistule to give it a try, it was a hard decision for us to try homeopathic treatment for our mothers treatment of Anal Fistula after getting reviews from every single doctor that it cant get treated without major surgery, and there were many serious side affects that we have been told. luckily and by the will of GOD we got connected to dr Sabeel and ALHAMDULILAH to our surprise the latest MRI scan shows that there is no Fistula, my mother who was in much pain is now much better and we are grateful to him that within three monts his medicine acts like a wonder….I just want people who are suffering from painful Fissure and fistula to please consult him.

  6. Kamran

    Mje 5 saal se fistula ha pehle aik Dana bna jahan swelling hoti rahi phir pahany wali jga k ri8 side pe 2 inch. K fasly pe moka bna Jo phat k risny lga aur zakham ki shakal ehtyar kr gya aub jahan Dana bna tha wahan sweling nahi hoti lekin zakham swel krta rehta ha aur kbi kbi khoon b ata ha

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Mr Kamran,

      These are all symptoms of Fistula. The good news is that Fistula can be cured fully in Homeopathy. Many patients of Fistula have already recovered by the medicines of Dr. Sabeel. Please make a call on this number (0300-5125394) to discuss your issue with Dr.Sabeel and start your treatment ASAP.

      Thank you.

  7. Ahmed hussain

    Sir ive been suffering with this problem since many months…ive gone through many treatments and consulted many doctors but of no use…ive heard alot about u so i would be thankful to u to guide me regardimg this…

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Mr Ahmed,

      Fistula problem can be cured completely in homeopathy. There is no need of surgery. Please contact Dr. Sabeel at this number: 0300-5125394 and discuss your issue in detail to start the medication ASAP.

      Thank you.

  8. sajid

    My anal fistula cause bleeding and discharge when passing stools and it was painful.I visited Shifa hospital and Dr said for anal fistula surgery is must to drain an anal abscess.but i afraid for surgery and finally i visited to Dr sabeel for taking homeo medicine,Now Thank God i feel very comfortable after taking 2 weeks medicine from Dr Sabeel.Thanx dr Sabeel for your experience of right homeo medicine make me relief.

    Symptoms of anal fistulas

    Possible symptoms include:

    Pain, which is usually constant, throbbing and worse when sitting down.

    if any body do have there kind of symptoms mentioned above, i recomend you to Dr Sabeel.hope you will get releif from your problem.

  9. Muneeb Arshad

    Aoa, My anal fistula is cured only by Homeopathic treatment . I was suffering from Anal fistual for two months but now i am completely cured through Homeopathic Treatment. I took medicine from Dr Sabeel and within two months i was completely cured. Thank You!

  10. Khalil

    Dear Doctor
    My complaint about anal Fistula.
    First I will brief my complete history. Its start in 1995 but that time blood coming from anus and Doctor informed me it is fisher. I took homeopathic medicine and alhmdolila its recover perfectly.
    Now, from 2 years since January 2013 Yellow pus is coming from anal with very bad smell, starting 2013 it was very miner but month by month it is increasing.
    Some days before I went Hospital and Dr makes MRI. Report I will send to you after receiving of your reply and if any query is required please inform me.
    That Dr suggests for surgery, I don’t want surgery please advise me a permanent solution. Pus is not coming regularly but after 3 or 4 hours I feel to wash that area. No complaint for pain, No complaint burning or itching.

    1) My Name is : Khalil
    2) Age: 41
    3) Sex: Male
    4) Marital Status: Married
    5) Weight: 95 kg
    6) Height: 5’- 9”
    7) Diabetic: No
    8) Nature of work: Office work (almost full time sitting)
    9) Taking at the moment (homoeopathic and allopathic) on daily basis? No
    My house in Gujranwala, just tell me approximately how many days or months are required for complete recovery and about cost of medicine and delivery charges for Gujranwala.
    provide me your Skype address
    Best regards.

  11. Hannan Zahid


    I wanted to know what kind of homeopathic treatment is the best for anal abscess and anal fistula. I need immediate response and immediate relief. If you can please let me know which specific medication is the best. There are many but I need the most effective one.


  12. Muhammad Abbas

    Dear Sir,

    I want to discuss my disease ( ANAL FISTULA) Maybe i am not confirm. so i want to discuss regarding my disease. i am so worried pls help me. and suggest medicine or advice.

    *my cell phone is not responding bcz i am out of country pls contact me on my email.

    Best Regards.

  13. girish karia

    Respected sir,

    I always believe in Homeopathy medicine from last 22 years, i got anal fistula
    problem 1st i took from homeopathy fmly doctor for more then 18 months,
    i got no cure then i went to allopathy surgeon, he check n advice me for more
    6 months homeopathy medicine, so from last 9 months i took DIFFERENT
    MEDCINE now from last 1 month i am taking nitric acid (15 drops ..2 times) flouric acid(15 drops..2 times) n asafoetida for gas problem ( 10 drops .. 2 times)….but still no complete cure, now i am totally fade up my life get ruin
    …from last more then 30 months it is not cure, sir, please advice me..God bless you sir, please.

  14. Farooq Akhtar Rajanpur

    sir ,
    I discussed to u to night for anal fistula,
    Please completely brief me about it and its treatment.
    Farooq Akhtar S/O Ghulam Qadir
    Ward No.2 H.214 Near Musjid Khaji Wali

  15. Fayaz Khan

    I am living in Swat valley.
    I noticed that i am suffering from fistula since one week before last EID-ul-ADHA.
    AFTER Eid I went to hospital for treatment. Dr suggested me some tablets and told me taht you have to do operation if this occur again after taking this tablets.
    BUT after taking the tablets. the openings of fistula increased so i went for surgery. the dr sait that i have just cutted the openings of fistula and the fistula is deep and Horrseshoe shaped so it will be cured with medicines.
    Now i have done operation before one month and finished taking tablets but now during stool i feel very pain and the muscles of fistula also present. The

    only problem that i am facing now aday is very pain during stool. it is just like stool is passing through Wound and then after that i feel burning effect in anal for a minute. in other living life i feel normal but during stool i feel that described problem.

    Please help me in treatment please. I will be very thankful to you. Thank you and waiting for your kind reply.

  16. ali

    dear sir,

    i am fistula patient last 5 months.some doctors recommend me a surgery but my family doctor told me its not a surgery condition.i have taken some medicine which i leave it now beause its not completely ok or finished. (ek tube si hai aur ek minor sa hole hai jis mein se puss kabhi ata hai kabhi dry hota hai.)please give me advise and solution…..thanks



  17. Dr. Aftab Ansari

    Respected sir,

    I completed my DHMS 10 years before but I do not practice. I’m doing job in company. Now & than, I use to give some medicine to my relative & friends who ask me to help by Homeopathic , and I give only common diseases e.g (Flu, Cough, hay fever, motion, etc).
    But one of my friend faces ANAL FISTULA since last 3 years , first I got study and give him the following medicines as follows:

    1. ALOE SOCOTRINA-200 for One month ( Little bit cure, puss developed

    2. SELLICIA-200, for 2 month (Not working, wound with puss
    and severe pain weekly )

    3. TUBERCULLIUM BOV 200 once a week (It discharged blood & puss
    (3 weeks only) and later seen stop for a month)

    4. ARSENIC ALBUM 30, for one month (Working well but puss come
    with minor pain after 10 days
    and wound burst).

    5. MYRISTA SEBIFERA, for one month (Zero result)
    6 Paeonia officinalis two weeks (Agreesive pain with pain and

    Now I decide to give him ARSENIC ALBUM with this medicine he feels satisfaction.

    I’ll be very grateful if you advise me complete and final medicine that he may be get rid of from this dangerous dieses.

    Best regards
    H/Dr. Aftab Ansari

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Thank you for your comments dr. aftab. Please call on this number 0300-5125394 to discuss this matter with Dr. Sabeel.



    I am suffering with festual in ano, 2 years back fistula operation was conducted in India, Chennai, after 1 year again the same was reopened again pus will came out . This problem I am facing since 10 years. I used to use homeo medicines previously but not completely cured only those control the pus temporarily but I am not seen permanent healing. Please advice me if permanent cure is possible in Homeo.

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author


      Complete cure of Fistula is possible in Homeo without the need of operation. Surgery or operation is not a good solution for fistula because in most of the cases the problem re-occurs after some months.

      Please see the case study of Fistula patient healed completely by Dr. Sabeel’s treatment.

        Do you have any medical reports. If Yes please send me.
        Are you currently using any Homeo medicine? If yes, please give me names.

      After your reply I will send your case to Dr. Sabeel.

      Please note that you need to pay Fees for the consultation. Dr. Sabeel will advise you the medicines and you will buy them from India and then report back after 15 days. The fee of every 15 days will be $25.

      Thank You.

  19. Anwar Ahmad

    A.O.A ,

    Dear Sir,

    With reference of Mr.Habib Ullah Sb nishat mills lahore sir i face a problem last 22 years ( keloid chest ) kindly suggest the treatment



    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Thank you Mr. Anwaar,

      We will call back to you and discuss your issue in detail.

      Kind Regards.

  20. imtiaz

    dear dr sabeel :
    i am taking homeo medicine for fistula for previous three months but pus keeps on discharging alongwith stains of blood , moreover fistula some times swells.
    my medicine is as:
    cal floratum … 4 tablets three times a day
    cal sulficurum … 4 tablets three times a day
    siliciea : 4 tablets three times a day
    myristica: 10 drops twice a day
    nux vomica : 5 drops once at night
    kindly recommend any changes if required

  21. M. Yousaf

    Salam Dear Sabeel Sir,

    I have been suffering from fistula problem since October 15, please help me out to get rid of this problem, If you could please tell me the expense of medicine including shipment charges so that I could ask the same to be sent to my address.

  22. Javed Ansari

    My wife has been fissure for more than 2 years. It was just recently diagnozed when doctor checked and confirmed it is fissure and recommend for operation. We are avoiding this because of my son, who is 7 months old, and on mother feed. Please can you advise if it can be cured with homeo medicine as my wife too went to homeo doctor and he treated for more than 2 months but useless.

    I’m very confused, please let me know if it can be successfully cured by you. We are from Karachi, how can you treat her if we can’t go there.



  23. Muhammad Imran

    Dr Sb
    My name Imran from Lahore , since last 8 months facing fistola problem, here please advice what should i do and how can i get medicine most important that i am heart patient and taking regular alopathic medicine
    should i come clinic for checkup ????
    please advice


  24. Saif Ul Malook

    Dr sahab me anal fistula ka patient or abscess ban janay ki waja se pareshan hu plz help me

  25. Fiyyaz Awan

    Dr. I am Fistula patient please contact with me on my number.

  26. Archana sgarma

    My husband is suffering from fistula for last6 months i want your suggestions and medicines

  27. Sultan mahmood Nasir

    Dr sb my son has severe type of danay ( pus wale ) in under arm. Skin specialist has advised surgery. He is in severe pain. Is there any cure. Pl reply soon

  28. Nadeen hassan

    Main piles. Ka patient hn 3 man pahly aik Dana rectum k bahar bna aur phir phoot gya ab andar sy pus nikal rahi hy doctor kahta hy fischula bn gya hy 2 moky rectum sy bahar bhi nikal ay hn plz maira kuch kijyr kapry bhi kharab ho jaty hn

  29. Rashid hashmi

    Respected doctor sb

    i am suffering from fistula for last one year please suggest me about medicine.
    i would also like to apprise that how i can explain that what kind of this fistula is concerned although i have a little pimple on my buttock and after few days it bleed
    please reply the same

  30. Zuhaib Hassan Shaikh

    That’s better if not operated but the cure must be side effect free.

  31. sikander hayat

    Sir.I am suffering from anal fistula to 4year.I live in Pakistan .please sir tell me good medicine name and details. Please sir.God bless u

  32. Fahim

    AOA !

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you will fine.. I am suffering from fistula. Despite i have gone through surgery two times i am facing it again. Please guide me in this regard.

  33. Amber Ammad

    where can i get medicine from lahore.please tell me i m so worried about that because dctr suggest me operation and i m not mentally prepare for that .

  34. Rana ikram

    Doctor sahib aslam o alaikum mujhy taqreban 7 mah sy fistula howa homeopatic medicine bhi ly ha 3 mah tk ilaj krwaya lekin fistula mukamal khtm nahi howa sirf pass ana kam hoi ha pain nahi ha ab lekin zakhm ha doctor ko check krwa doctor keh rha ha opret krwna pry ga mein chahta ho opret na krwao medicne sy hi thek ho jai phr ap ka page mil gya mujhy facebook pr ab ap maswra dy

  35. Zaheer

    I am from Karachi but live in Switzerland. Almost two years ago I had an abscess and it converted into Anal fistula, I had four operation in Switzerland but all of them failed then I saw Dr. Sabeel’s web and decided to try his medicine. It has been almost four months I am undertreated and I feel much better, size of fistula has reduced from 3 cm to 2.25 cm and pus has reduced as well with almost no pain in fistula.

  36. Syed Asif Hussain

    I saw Dr Sabeel’s Page on Web while searching for an authentic homeopath for the treatment of my son who is suffering from Essential Tremors a rare neuro condition. My son had been under treatment with various doctors in big hospitals but their treatment never gave the desired relief.
    We met Dr Sabeel a month ago who gave treatment to my son. It gave very good results in three weeks time. We are still in contact with Dr sabeel and hope that my son’s condition would further improve inshaAllah.
    I also got treatment for myself for hemorrhoids and my condition improved tramendously within two weeks.
    I recommend that his page must be visited and he can be consulted easily.
    Thumbs up. ……

  37. Saeed Khan

    How long will I live like this? Is there anyone out there who has chosen NOT to have surgery cz u don’t really know what the outcome is going to be (fistulotomy or seton placement).I decided not to go through this painful procedure .Luckily i came across Dr Sabeel website who assured me that the surgery is not the way out and started my treatment .Within a period of 3 months ,megic happened and i find it was cured and now i am living a fistula free life
    My advise, do not rush in to surgery Contact Dr Sabeel .i am sure you will feel no regret .

  38. Ahmed

    I have been suffering from Fistula from last one year. went to doctors and they have diagnosed it as Bartholin cyst. finally one doctor diagnosed it as fistula and said that a surgery is required. I found out about Dr. Sabeel while one day i was desperately searching online for a remedy or medicine. I have been his patient since Feb 2017 and i got 2 MRIs done while i was taking his medicines. first MRI showed a small tract and the second one (after 4 months) showed that there is no sign of fistula. I am still going through the treatment but the major problem is gone and INSHA ALLAH it will be completely gone in 1,2 months. He is a great doctor and i never thought that the fistula will ever be cured but here i am. ALHAMDOLILLAH. I would suggest people that if you are suffering form some dreadful disease please give him a try and be persistent. The process is slow but trust me you will get results. i have been impatient and i have irritated dr sb by saying k kuch naee ho raha im not getting better but when i got the reports i was surprised and so happy. So persistence is the key. Best of Luck.

    and Thank you so much Dr. Sabeel 🙂 May ALLAH bless you with lots of happiness. Aameen

  39. niaz muhammad

    dear sir
    my name is niaz muhammad leave in karachi pakistan iam suffering from fistulla since 3 yers pls advice

  40. Tanveer Ahmad

    Mera Naam Tanveer ha.mein fistula beemari se kafi preshan hon.plz help me
    I am from Lahore, please advise.


    hi sir im nelmar gomelao..from the philippines..i have been suffering this fistula since 2015..i have a surgery once in 2015..but it cannot be healed..please give me some advice for this..thanks!

  42. Sherdil khan

    Dear sir my mother have rectoviginal festula the doc says for surgury but SURGURY IS VERY comlicated for us plz help us to treat this problem without surgury

  43. Fahim

    Yesterday on 30/03/2018 i have conducted second MRI on advise of Dr, Sabeel. The report shows significant improvement in recovery of the fistula track. 2 years back i have suffered from anal abscess and that turned into fistula after surgery. I have gone through surgery again in one of the prominent hospital of Peshawar i.e., North West hospital but after 6 months fistula reoccurred. The type of fistula diagnosed was perennial and complex. I have started treatment from Dr. Sabeel from July 2017 and still on medications and hopeful that the fistula will be vanished and I will come back to normal life again.
    Thanks to Al-Mighty Allah
    Thanks to Dr. Sabeel

  44. syed raja abbas

    مجھے بھی فیسٹولا کا مسلہ ہے میں آپ سے علاج کرانا چاہتا ہوں لیکن میں کوہاٹ سے ہوں کیا آپ دوائی بھیج سکتے ہیں یا مریض کا دیکھنا ضروری ہے

  45. Awais

    I was suffering from anal fistula after surgery of perianal abcess in mid 2017. Suargery is the only known treatment in allopathy for anal fistula but there is always chance of reoccurance after surgery. I found about dr. Sabeel homeopathy treatment on internent and started my treatment. With in few days there was reasonable relieve from this disease. After treatment of few month it was completely cured.
    ALLAH has given shifa in his hand.
    I am very thankfull to ALLAH Almighty.
    May ALLAH bless dr. Sabeel with good health and long life.


  46. Mahmood

    Dear Sir,

    I am also suffering in anal fistula and already done 1 surgery but it cannot remove properly . after some days pus out from anus Dr’s suggested me to do 1 more surgery .
    plz suggest me some medicine and also provide me your clinic address.

  47. Asim

    I am suffering with fistula problem. It is very painful. I searched his contact number on the internet . Where I found him as a right person to deal with . He loves his job and work honestly. I request all the people who are facing with this kind of problem must contact him . God bless him


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