Treatment of Gall Bladder Stones Using Homeopathy Without Surgery

By Dr Sabeel | March 11, 2014

What are Gallstones or Gall Bladder Stones?

Gall Bladder is commonly known as Pitta in Urdu language. Sometimes bile salts, bilirubin or cholestrol in gall bladder converts into hard deposits resulting in the formation of gallstones. The common symptoms of gallstones are feeling continuous pain between should blades and feeling pain in upper right abdomen. Please note that most people have no symptoms and they still have gallstones. The best way to diagnose gallstones is by doing CT Scan (computerized tomography) or abdominal ultrasound. The medical term used for this condition is Cholelithiasis.

What Are Main Reasons of Development of Gallstones?

This problem can be inherited. If your parents have this disease, it is most likely that you may suffer from this condition too. Continuous use of high cholesterol and high fat diet is another major cause of this disease. People who are over-weighed and above 60 have higher tendencies of getting this disease. This condition is more common in women as compared to men.

What are the Risks If Gallstones are Not Treated?

If gallstones are not treated it may cause many complications. In some patients the gallbladder is inflamed. The inflammation may be associated with severe pain if not treated at start. Gallstones may block common bile duct that may result in Jaundice. In some cases pancreas are inflamed and pancreatic duct is blocked resulting in the condition of pancreatitis. In severe cases gallstones may result in the cancer of gallbladder.

What are Common Ways to Treat GallStones?

In Allopathic treatment, the only way to treat gallstones is complete removal of gallbladder by operation or surgery. But you must know that gallbladder is an important internal organ of our body. When it is removed there are many other issues and deficiencies created in the body.

Is There any Cure of Gallstones in Homeopathy?

Yes, in most of the cases the gallstones problem can be treated effectively using homeopathic medicines.

Should I Go For Surgery or Operation to Remove My Gallbladder?

Please note that in homeopathic treatment surgery is not recommended. In some cases your homeopathic doctor may advise you to opt for gallbladder removal. But this is usually done as a last resort when the infection and inflammation of gallbladder is very severe.

How Exactly Gallstones are Removed By Homeopathy Treatment?

Please note that gallstones cannot be removed from your gallbladder. They can only be dissolved using homeopathic medicines. By homeopathic medicines your gallstones are dissolved into very  small particles so that they become harmless and cannot cause infection. In addition medicines are given to heal up already created infection in the gallbladder. In this way old infection is cured and there are no chances of more infection in future. The chances of recurrence of gallstones are also minimized by this treatment.

Common Medicines Used to Treat Gallstones:

The common homeopathic medicines used to dissolve gallstones are Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Natrum sulphuricum and Nux vomica.

I Want to Treat My Gallstones – How to Proceed and Start My Homeopathic Treatment?

If you or your family member wants treatment of gallstones all you need is to contact Dr. Sabeel. Simply send him an email with all details about your problem OR make a call on +92-300-5125394. Dr. Sabeel treats patients from all cities of Pakistan and all countries of world. If you cannot visit him, your medicines will be shipped to your address and your treatment will be started.

Case Study: 1

Gall Bladder Stones of Mrs. Khayam Completely cured Using Homeopathic Medicine.

Case Study: 2

Patient of Gall bladder stone Mrs Naseem Begum cured from Homeopathy Treatment in Rawalpindi Pakistan.



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Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi is serving as Homeopathic doctor for last 18 years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Dr. Sabeel is treating patients from all over the world for almost all types of diseases. If you want to discuss or start your treatment please email Or call. Treatment for people of all countries is offered.

35 thoughts on “Treatment of Gall Bladder Stones Using Homeopathy Without Surgery

  1. abdul shakoor

    dear sir,i have galblader stone size physian dr siad not opperate but surgeon suggest for surgery.homeopathic ke medicie se stone dissolve ho ge?plz help

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Abdul Shakoor,

      Please note that in most of the cases homeopathic medicines can break gall bladder stones into very fine and rounded pieces so that they become harmless. But in some conditions surgery is necessary. In your case we need to discuss few more things and collect more data before we decide to start treatment. Can you please make a phone call on this number: 0300-5125394.

      Thank you.

  2. Muhammad imran

    Assalam O alikum

    sir my wife suffring in very painful condition now a days becouse he has gallbladder stone so kindly provide me solution,

  3. Muhammad Amin

    Sir I have gallbladder stone of size 1.3 cm can my stone b removed from homeopathic medicines please suggest

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Mr. Amin,

      Yes, in most of the cases the gall bladder stones can be destroyed without surgery. But in some conditions we recommend the removal of gall bladder through surgery. Please make a call on this number 0300-5125394 and discuss your case in detail. After that you will be suggested how to proceed further.

      Thank you.
      Dr. Sabeel.

  4. mohit

    Respected Dr

    1-My Father Mr BR Giroti-73 year have gone bypass surgery on 1995 in batra hospital,delhi….Triple vessel artery disease…Graft were implated..having diabetic, Dr Gk Mani…
    2-Now on 15-jan-015 he again admitted to medical college,lucknow…for heart problem….angio was done…all graft blocked…medicine prescibed..shock also given during angio…dischrged…

    3-(23-01-015)—-150/80 PULSE-100
    4-Renal dysfunction —(14-02-015)—serum creatine—1.66,serum urea—84mg/dl
    5-Renal dysfunction—(02-03-015)—serum creatine—3mg/dl,serum urea—112mg/dl
    6-(04-03-015)—uric acid—9.8
    7-(18-03-015)—serum creatine—1.6,serum urea—46mg/dl

    8-stomach pain on (18-03-15)—done ultrasound—given inj voveran for pain—found 4-6mm multiple stone in gallbalder…dr advise for operation…report shows—mild hepatomegaly,choleithiasis,fatty pancreas,hypoechoic bowel wall thckening in left illacfossa,inflammatory…

    Dr Pls kindly advice me whether redo..bypass…heart and gall bladder surgery possible….

    Look foward to your reply
    Thanking you
    Mohit Giroti
    B-1377,Indira Nagar,Lucknow-226016(India)
    Tel : +91 0522 4002917
    Fax : +91 0522 4002917

  5. Ravinder chand

    Hello sir
    subject:- gall bladder (pitta ki thali mai stone)
    age 75
    stone size — Rt. Kidney (09.3*04.5CM)
    Lt. Kidney (09.3CM*03.80cms)


    SIR meri daadi ko STONE hai kya ye without operation ke theek ho sakta hai kya?

    problems — vomiting, khaane ka man ni, ok sir he problem hai kya yehi bina operation ke thik ho sakta hai kya?

    agar ho sakta hai to please sir bataye kya karna hai ?

    kya khana or kya nahi khana chahiye bhi bata dejeye please

  6. suman

    Aoa Dr,
    I have 9 to 12 mm gallbladder stone and i am using dr reckeweg r7 And cholesterinum 3x for 1 month but no benefits. Plz help me. How my Gallbladder stones can be removed without operation?


  7. zakia dawood

    Dear Sir
    I would like to take the listed remedy but don’t know the potency and the strength. A also could you advice me on the size of bottle and how long I should take it. I have a large 2 inch stone in my gallbladder and want to dissolve it naturally.

    Kind Regards

  8. shabana babar

    Sir i have 2 stones in my gall bladder measuring 1.9 cm and 1.4 cm. Dr suggest that gall bladder should be removed. Because one stone is on the mouth of the gall bladder. Just because of this the removal of gall bladder is necessary. Dr plz kindly tell me that can my stones dissolve by taking homeopathic medicines. I m very upset.

  9. Mansoor Ahmed Shaikh

    Asalam o Alikum Dr. Sahib

    I am observing gallstone since 1 and half year, initially the stone size was 10mm after 3 month I was increased to 14mm and now almost 1 year after I recently checked it is reduced to 12mm. I have Diabetic problem since the same time and having Glucophage 1000Mg regularly.
    Also having high blood cholesterol but not taking any medicine.
    Dr. advised me to avoid surgery according to him you can control through Diet. Recently I am observing too much attacks since 15 days of time.
    Please suggest how can I control and cure through Homeopathic medicines and how much time will require to dissolve completely.


    1. Ashish Dubey Mobile No.8858370701

      My mother has stone in gall bladder which is in size14.5mm. Cure is possible for such type of problem.

  10. Muhammad Asghar Gondal

    Dear Dr. sahib


    only single stone size 1.1 cm has been identified in a gallbladder of my child aged 17 years. Homeo medicines have already been started from Dr. Abdul Hameed, Peshawar more. Please advise whether his medicine may continue or your or approach any other homeo doctor so that to cure the disease effectively I mean the stone may break in small pieces. I shall be grateful.

    M. Asghar Gondal, Deputy Secretary, GOP

  11. muhammad imran shahid

    Aoa Sir,

    My mother (age 57) has a single stone of 1.1cm in her gall bladder. Please advise some medicines and treatment for her.

    Thank you.

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Thank you imran shahid for your comment. Please contact on this phone number, 0300-5125394, for details about medicines and treatment for your mother.

  12. arsalan


    My mother have stone in her gallbladder but she has no pain.What is the treatment for her you suggest?


    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Arsalan,

      Thank you for contacting.

      Treatment of gall bladder stones is possible without operation, in most of the cases. To prescribe right medicines for your mother’s problem, we need more information (or medical reports) about the issue like size, number and shape of gall bladder stones. We have also sent you an email for further discussion.

      Thank you.

  13. sristi

    Dear Dr Sahib
    I have a gallbladder that is full almost to the rim of small multiple stones. no big stones. I only experience intermittent biliary colic symptoms. the gall bladder may be inflamed as so many of them. can you please advise if it is still possible to flush these stones through homeopathy remedy rather than remove the gall bladder as I really don’t want this. if so which herbs.

  14. khushi

    AOA SIR ,



  15. Ayesha

    Patient Name: Ayesha

    “Doctors can treat you but only Allah can heal you”

    My wife Ayesha had stones in her Gallbladder since December 2015. She had unbearable pains and we consulted many surgeons. They all advised that the only solution to this disease is to remove the gallbladder. Before going for surgery we thought to try homeopathic doctors. Took medicines from different homeopathic doctors but did not find recovery. I decided to take my wife for surgery and took date from the doctor. Meanwhile I heard about Dr. Sabeel and go through his website. We took an appointment and met him where I found that he has command/knowledge in the field of homeopathy and his research work is more than other homeopathic doctors. Doctor Sabeel said that no need to go for any Surgery try my medicine and InshaAllah you will get rid off the pains and stones will be dissolved by the Grace of Allah. We were satisfied and my wife started to eat his medicine from April. She continued medicine, we gave sadaqa and kept praying (prayer is the best medicine) to Allah. During this period she did not feel any pains. I took my wife for an ultrasound on July 2016 and in the report no stones seen in gallbladder Alhamdulillah. I am thankful to Allah that he gave my wife shifa and kept shifa in Dr. Sabeel’s medicine. May Allah give Dr. Sabeel reward in this world and hereafter for all his help. I suggest to all before going for any surgery once do consult Dr. Sabeel.


    dear sir
    my wife have a 18 mm gallbladder stone . Is it possible treat by homeopathy? Actually, i met a homeopathy Doctor and he said that we should remove it by surgery. Please tell me what should we do?

  17. sumera

    Sir I have multiple stones in my gall balder measuring 35 mm and a 7mm stone in kidney. Dr. Suggest that gall balder should be removed. Dr. Plz kindly tell me can my stone dissolve by taking homeopathic medicine. I am very upset.

  18. Talal

    Aoa my age is 27 I have gallbladder stone 1.6 cm but ihave no pain these is diagnosed by my doctor when iam suffering from kidney stone which are removed by using homeopathy madicne now gallstones problem plz suggest me.
    I am male

  19. John prexcel carodan

    I have 1.9 cm gallstone please email me for cure
    I’m here in the philippines

  20. Kavita

    Sir meri mom ke gall bladder me chote chote bhot se stone h hmne doctor se consult Kiya unhone operation btaya h. Mene kuch online search kiye h ish issue se related to mene grocare app me kuch medicine btai h like Gs kit me ACIDIM, LIPICAN and GC ye medicine gall bladder me se stone htane ke liye btai under 3 months.
    Sir me apse ye jana chahti hu ki ye medicine helpful rhengi ki nhi or operation krvana pdega, or agr operation krvate h to operation ke baad koi infections to nhi hogan na mom ko ya koi or problem and without operation ye problem solve ho skti h.

  21. Prince jaiswal

    Dear sir,
    I m having 18 mm gallbladder stone . Is it possible treat by homeopathy? Actually, i met a homeopathy Doctor and he said that we should remove it by surgery. Please tell me what should we do?
    Reply↓prince jaiswal

  22. Om Prakash Singh

    I am dietetic from 10 yrs
    In homeopath this is cureble?
    If yes please advise medicine

  23. arshad

    Sir my dieases is gall bladder stone. 2-3 stone seen in ultrasound biggest one is 1.8 cm. Kindly suggest medicine.

  24. S chandrika

    My wife having pain in Upper part of abdomen in scanning reports the sludhe appears in gallbladder in last year November. In the period of first timester of pregnancy emergency treatment done and the pain decreased. Again after lelivery that is now that pain repeated now the suffering from siviyer pain than go to scan invisible any sludge but pain is continue .

    What remedy in homoeopathy with out surgery sir.

  25. Tanveer Hassan

    Dear Sir
    I have diagnosed gallstone size 1.2 cm is there any possibility to remove it, please suggest me any treatment or homeopathic medicines.


  26. Sushain

    I have a stone of 25mm in gallbladder, dr. Suggest me for the surgery, what’s your opinion ?
    I am 26 yr old men

  27. Fathima

    Dear sir,
    My son have a gallstone size 4 mm. And his age is 2 years. Is any possibility to remove it. Now he is in a homeopathic treatment. The doctor says that the treatment is continues atmost 2 years. Sir are you sure this stone has been dissolve very easily.


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