Quick and Safe Dengue Fever Cure Using Homeopathic Medicines

By Dr Sabeel | December 18, 2015

Definition of Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a viral fever which is transmitted through mosquitoes. Dengue fever is a debilitating disease and causes sudden fever with severe joints pain.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

The symptoms of Dengue fever are common but sometimes are mistaken as flu or malaria. These symptoms vary along with the severity of the fever.

symptoms of dengue fever appear after the 7 days of infection and retain till a week.

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Symptoms of Mild Dengue fever

Symptoms appear after the 7 days of infection and retain till a week.

  • Body rashes
  • High fever with severe headache
  • Pain behind eyes and in muscles or joints
  • Nausea and vomiting

Symptoms of Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)

Symptoms are normal in the start but worsen with the passage of time. DHF is a dangerous condition and may cause death if ignored. Symptoms of DHF are same as mild dengue fever plus listed below.

  • Blood spots
  • Bleeding from mouth and nose
  • Internal bleeding
  • Stomach cramps
  • Lower number of platelets
  • Danger to blood vessels
  • Dropped pulse

Symptoms of Dengue Shock Syndrome

The worst type of Dengue fever is Dengue shock syndrome which results in death of the patient. The symptoms in this case are following along with the symptoms as in mild Dengue fever.

  • Disorientation
  • Unbearable stomach pain
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Sudden and high drop of blood pressure
  • Leakage of blood vessels
  • Death

What are the Causes of Dengue Fever?

The only cause of dengue fever is infected mosquitoes, Aedes Aegypti mosquito. When mosquito bites any infected person, the virus gets into the body of mosquito. Then this infected mosquito transmits this virus into the blood stream of another normal person. Thus this cycle continues and virus is transmitted from infected to normal person via mosquito.

The only cause of dengue fever is infected mosquitoes, Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

How Dengue Fever is Diagnosed?

Normally dengue fever is diagnosed by the symptoms of the fever but sometimes doctor gets confused as these symptoms are same as of other diseases like malaria and typhoid. In this situation doctor can perform blood test to know the total count of the white blood cells and platelets. Low white blood cells count helps in immediate diagnosis of dengue fever. Normally blood test is done daily or after every 2-3 days to see current platelets count. Decreasing trend of platelets is the strong sign that person is suffering from Dengue fever.

How Aedes Aegypti mosquito look like

How Treatment is Done in Allopathy?

No antivirus is been introduced yet to control the Dengue fever. Only way to fight against Dengue fever is taking some steps to relief the pain of the patient.

Allopathic way to treat Dengue Fever.

Patient is advised to take a lot of rest and intake fluids especially Apple juice. Usually paracetamol syrup is given to patient to control the symptoms. Usually after 5-7 days, human body’s immune system becomes capable of fighting the dengue virus. At this stage the symptoms of dengue fever starts decreasing, the white blood cells and platelets count starts getting better and patient starts feeling relief.

Pain killers like aspirin, corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs are strictly prohibited as these can make the condition worst.

Quick, Safe and Perfect Homeopathic Treatment of Dengue Fever

Homeopathy provides a wide range of medicines for the treatment of the Dengue fever with respect to the symptoms. It has been proved much effective to relieve the patient from the disease. These medicines improve body’s immune system enabling it to fight with dengue virus. These medicines also help in increasing the platelets count in human body very rapidly. The other symptoms like skin rashes, fever, tiredness and itchy skin are also controlled effectively by these medicines. The best part of treatment is that all this happens very quickly within few days and patient gets better and better after every passing day.

Some common medicines used to treat Dengue fever include:

Eupatorium Perfoliatum

is best medicine for Dengue fever with the symptom of joint pain and high fever


is best if fever causes weakness


is best if fever is accompanied with severe headache

Ipecac and Arsenic Album

is helpful in relieving nausea and vomiting during Dengue fever

China along with Ipecac and Arsenic Album

helps in prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic fever.


Please don’t ever use any homeopathic medicines, mentioned on this website, on your own without consulting your homeopathic doctor. We have mentioned these medicines only for the purpose of education and information. Only your doctor can advise you right medicines with right dose depending upon your condition.

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