Case Study: Gall Bladder Stones Cured By Homeopathic Treatment of Dr. Sabeel

By Dr Sabeel | August 13, 2016

A patient suffering from Gall Bladder stones problem was completely cured and healed using homeopathic medicines from Dr. Sabeel. Here are details:

Patient’s Details:

Name of Patient: Mrs. Khayam Tariq

Age: 35 Years

Gender: Female

Location: Rawalpindi

Problem: Due to Stones in Gall Bladder there was severe pain and discomfort. Doctors advised operation to remove the Gall Bladder.

Medical Report Before Starting Homeopathic Treatment Gallbladder stone:

Here is the medical test conducted on 21 April, 2016. The medical report clearly mentioned that there were more than one tiny calculi of sizes 3-4 mm in the Gall Bladder of patient. Also the Gall Bladder was partially distended.

The treatment was started by using homeopathic medicines from Dr. Sabeel.

Medical Report After Treatment:

This medical test was conducted on 16 July, 2016. The report clearly shows that there were no more stones or calculi in the Gall Bladder of the patient. Simply the Gall Bladder was clear from any stones, calculus, mass, polyp or biliary sludge.


The Gall Bladder calculi (more than 1 stones of sizes 3-4mm) were removed from the Gall Bladder of patient within 3 months. The treatment was done by Dr. Sabeel using homeopathic medicines.

More Details About Treatment of Gall Bladder Stones:

Checkout detailed article about gall bladder stones and its treatment in homeopathy.



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5 thoughts on “Case Study: Gall Bladder Stones Cured By Homeopathic Treatment of Dr. Sabeel

  1. Richa

    Hi! I am 33 year old female ( eeight 70kgs) and have got multiple stones largest being 20 mm in my gall bladder. As for symptoms I don’t have severe pains but only dull sensations but I do experience flatulence and acidity. Kindly suggest if there is treatment in homeopathy for the same.

    1. umesh kumar

      Hello I am Umesh kumar from delhi 44year old and have multiple stones in GB 5-6MM & GOITER at neck please reply

  2. Usman

    Dear Dr Sabeel Saheb,
    I am aged 40 and diagnosed with One Gallstone of 1.1 cm with normal CBD in my annual medical exam for other purpose (see report). I have no pain neither I have any problem or symptom. My surgeon says you need to remove gallbladder if you want to get rid of this 1.1 cm stone.
    Please advise me should I go for surgery or use homeopathic medicine. Can homeopathic medicine dissolve 1.1 cm gallstone to completely get rid of it.
    Please also advise what will happen if I do not treat my gallstone at all because it is not creating any issue for me, no pain etc.


  3. Haidar Ali

    Sir Assalamu alikum
    Mere gallbladder me 24 mm ka stone hai, kya homeopath medicine se dissolved ho Sakata hai

  4. Haidar Ali

    Sir mere gallbladder me 24 mm ka stone hai, kya homeopath medicine se dissolved ho Sakata hai. Reply


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