Perfect Treatment of Butterfly Rash Using Homeopathic Medicines

By Dr Sabeel | December 9, 2015

What is Butterfly Rash or Malar Rash?

Butterfly rash, malar rash, is irritation on skin that extends on human face in the form of a butterfly. In most of the cases the wings of butterfly rash appear on cheeks while the body of butterfly is extended down to your nose bridge. Butterfly rash appears as a symptom of immune disorder in human body and is not considered a disease in itself.

What Causes Butterfly Rashes?

As mentioned above Butterfly rash is caused by the immune disorder. The main cause of butterfly rash is a condition called Lupus. In this condition the immune system of body don’t perform normally and starts attacking normal healthy body tissues. This immune disorder may be due to genetics or some environmental factors.

Butterfly rash, malar rash, is irritation on skin that extends on human face in the form of a butterfly.

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Common Symptoms of Butterfly Rashes/Lupus:

Usual symptoms of lupus include:

  • Butterfly shaped rash on face
  • fever and fatigue
  • pain, swelling and stiffness in  joints
  • skin lesions
  • skin lesions become worse when exposed to sunlight
  • During cold or depression the fingers and toes may turn blue or white
  • difficulty in breathing
  • pain in chest
  • dryness of eyes
  • memory loss or confusion
  • headaches

How Butterfly Rashes/Lupus Is Treated in Allopathy?

In allopathy different medicines are used to apply on the skin to reduce the symptoms of lupus. The most common medications are Corticosteroid lotions or creams. These creams are applied on the skin rashes that helps in reduction of inflammation and try to regulate the immune system. These creams and lotions are helpful but there are many side effects associated with their use. Most common side effects include weight gain, bruising, acne and new hair growth.

Antimalarial drugs are also used by physicians to control the symptoms and causes of lupus and butterfly rashes. These drugs help in healing the skin infection and also protect it from direct sunlight. This treatment has lower side effects but the treatment may prolong for many months.

Treatment of Lupus and Butterfly Rashes in Homeopathy

As mentioned above Allopathy cannot provide a safe, quick and inexpensive treatment for this condition. The above mentioned methods may or may not work for all patients. Also severe side effects are observed while using Allopathic medicines for Lupus treatment.

In homeopathy, the treatment is quite effective and without any side effects. There are perfect medicines available that can stabilize the body immune system. As main cause of Lupus is immune disorder, using homeopathic medicines for improving immune system greatly improves overall condition of patient. During treatment, proper medicines are also given to treat the symptoms of lupus like skin infection, skin sensitivity to sunlight etc. Patient usually feels relief within 1-2 weeks and condition becomes normal within few more weeks.

Some common homeopathic medicines used to treat lupus and butterfly rashes are:

  • Sulfur,
  • Kali mur,
  • Silicea,
  • Belladonna,
  • Calc.
  • Sepia,
  • Cistus can.
  • Carb.,
  • Jequirity,
  • Arsenicum

Please note that these medicines are mentioned for educational purpose only. You should NOT use any of these medicines on your own. Only an experienced homeopathic doctor can suggest you right medicines with right doses after observing signs and symptoms of your condition.

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