Case Study: The patient of Overy cyst and Kidney stones cured by Homeopathic Treatment

By | June 20, 2019

This latest case study of left ovarian cyst associated with Crystals on right kidney and left kidney stones cured from homeopathic treatment by dr sabeel. This report is from June 2019.

Patient Complete Information

Name: Mrs Mehnaz

Gender Female

Residence: Rawalpindi Pakistan

Age: 38 years

Medical History of Mrs Mehanaz

Before Start treatment Mrs Mehnaz told to dr sabeel that she have pain on both side of kidney region due to kidney stone. Also she was feeling burning while passing the urine. Swelling on abdomen and was feeling uncomfortable in stomach after eating meal and feeling heavy pressure Lower abdomen. Mrs mehnaz also pain in lumber because she have problem Lumber Spondolyits some time develop Nausea .

Ultrasound Report Before Starting Homeopathic Treatment


Medical Report After Homeopathic Treatment of dr sabeel



Above mentioned reports shown ,that Mrs Mehnaz is completely cured from ovarian cyst and kidney stones after Using Homeopathic Medicine.Fibroid is still found in the reports DR Sabeel focus on Fibroids and given perfect homeopathic remedy to cure remaining issue .

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