How to treat Haemorrhoids using Homeopathic medicine without operation in Pakistan?

By Dr Sabeel | September 15, 2018

Definition of Haemorrhoids,

Haemorrhoids, generally known as “Piles” is the condition in which the veins of the rectum or anus swell and cause discomfort while bowel movement. Sometimes these grow inside the rectum known as internal Haemorrhoids, while in some cases these Haemorrhoids growths slip out of the rectum and cause pain to the patient while sitting and walking.Haemorrhoids may be classified in different categorize depending upon its size, nature, pain and symptoms it shows.

Haemorrhoids,generally known as “Piles” is the condition in which the veins of the rectum or anus swell and cause discomfort while bowel movement

What are The Causes of Haemorrhoids?

Causes of Haemorrhoids, or Piles are not so certain but some factors are inclined to cause Haemorrhoids .

  • Family history
  • Regular or long term constipation or diarrhea
  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Keep on sitting for long time
  • Lifting weights
  • Pregnancy
  • Sedentary Habits
  • Excessive use of Tea
  • Low In Take of water

What are sign and Symptoms of Haemorrhoids?

The symptoms of hemorrhoids may vary in different patients due to different reasons like age, cause, nature and type of Haemorrhoids . But generally following symptoms are seen in the patient suffering from Haemorrhoids

Symptoms and homeopathic treatment

  • Bleeding and cutting Pain while passing stool
  • Itching in anus
  • Swelling in or around anus
  • Painful lump created around anus
  • Discomfort while sitting and during bowel movement

How Haemorrhoids is Diagnosed?

Generally Haemorrhoids, can be easily diagnosed with the examination of the patient. The symptoms itself are the key to diagnose either patient is suffering from Haemorrhoids, or not. External problem can be seen with the naked eyes but if the problem is internal and the doctor is unable to diagnose it even after physical examination then next step is some tests and imaging studies.

Digital Rectum Test

Doctor may test the rectum of the patient with his finger after covering it with gloves and proper lubrication


Rectum is examined deep with a hollow tube and a sample is collected to test


The colon and intestine are examined with a flexible tube if doctor has a doubt of some serious condition.

Allopathic treatment for Haemorrhoid

Haemorrhoids is tried to control with diet and healthy lifestyle most of the time but still there are many options present in allopathic to relieve the patient on urgent basis.

OTC Medicines and Corticosteroids

Many over the counter solutions like ointments, painkillers, creams and steroids are easily available to relieve the symptoms like swelling and redness of the anus.


Laxatives can put at ease the patient while passing stool. Laxatives are suggested in Haemorrhoids, if the constipation is the cause root of the problem.


Surgery is suggested if the swollen tissue causes bleeding. The problem area is either removed from the place or stapled to stop the flow of blood.


If blood clot develops inside the Haemorrhoids, and causes pain, doctors remove such clot either through drainage or incision.

Rubber Banding

As a simple solution internal Haemorrhoids is banded around in order to cut supply of blood. In this way the blood clot shrinks and detaches itself.

Quick and Fast Homeopathic Treatment for Haemorrhoids

Homeopathy can provide the best long-lasting solution for Haemorrhoids as all other options available relieve the symptoms only rather a permanent solution. On the other hand patients have to pass through surgical procedure to get rid of the problem. Homeopathic medicine can help great in not only controlling symptoms but also the problem itself as there is a separate medicine for every type of Haemorrhoids .

Aloe Socotrina

Aloe Socotrina is the best remedy for external tender and sore Haemorrhoids, that produces burning and sharp pain and constant chilliness in rectum. Aloe Socotrina helps the patient while relieving pain and burning sensations as well as anal fistulas.

Muriatic Acid

When Haemorrhoids are projected outwards and causing extreme pain in the anus then the best treatment remedy homeopathy provides is Muriatic acid. These types of Haemorrhoids get swollen and result in extreme pain after passing stool. Muriatic acid helps in releasing such pain and control growth of Haemorrhoids. Females pass through extreme soreness of Haemorrhoids with pain during their menses. Muriatic acid is also best magical remedy for such women.

Hamamelis Virginiana 

Sometimes Haemorrhoids result in bleeding at high volume, Hamamelis Virginiana is the option in such cases. This medicine helpful in relieving all of the symptoms of extreme case of Haemorrhoids like soreness in anus, anal itching, and weakness caused due to bleeding as well as hard stool.

 Ratanhia Peruviana

Burning sensation in rectum after passing stool may be one of the possible symptoms of piles. This sensation causes a pain like stretching with knife or cutting with a glass in rectum. Such symptoms of Haemorrhoids may be relieved with homeopathic medicine Rathinia Peruviana effectively and instantly.

Collinsonia Canadensis

Collinsonia Canadensis is the homeopathic medicine for the treatment of piles associated with constipation. Constipation causes difficulty in passing stool as stool becomes hard or lumpy that needs extra exertion on the anus and rectum leading to the pain in rectum and itching in anus. Constipation may give the sensation in the anus like inserting some sharp sticks or contraction. All these symptoms demand for Collinsonia Canadensis as the best remedy.

Merc Sol

Merc Sol is the best homeopathic medicine for those suffering from extreme diarrhea. Diarrhea may create the urge of passing stool frequently especially during night time. The stool passed in such cases may have intolerable odor or food lumps as well as burning feelings in the anus. In some cases protrusion of Haemorrhoids during passing stool, chilliness, exhaustion and nausea is also seen in patients. Merc Sol is the best option in this case as it can effectively reduce the irritating symptoms.


Haemorrhoids if not treated properly can swell and grow in size. These enlarged Haemorrhoids create a hinder in anus while passing stool as the patient needs to pass stool in standing posture while straining hard. The Haemorrhoids in this case are too painful, hard and constant to cause problem in standing, sitting and even walking. A continuous pressing pain is felt in anus along with stinging or burning sensations. The patient in aforesaid condition has no option other than Causticum as it is the best way to suppress the painful symptoms the patient suffers from.


Please note that you should NOT use any of these mentioned medicines on your own. We have listed these medicines for educational and information purpose only. Only an experienced homeopathic doctor can suggest you right medicine after looking at your signs and symptoms.

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