Facts About Leucorrhea and Treatment in Homeopathy in Pakistan

By Dr Sabeel | February 22, 2015

What is Leucorrhea or Leukorrhea?

Leucorrhea can be defined as a condition in women in which white or yellow colored discharge of mucus occurs from the vagina.

Leucorrhoea Symptoms

Leucorrhea is ought to be a very unpleasing situation that may gradually lead to the signs like bad smelling fluid discharge from the vagina. Besides fatigue, persistent pain in your head and stomach and constipation are also termed as the symptoms of leucorrhoea. As such  symptoms ultimately bring women in a very embarrassing and uncomfortable situations, therefore they are highly advised to get the treatment immediately after consulting the doctor to avoid such types of situations.

A lot of people think that inadequate hygienic measures may lead to this discomfort problem; but, it is just an assumption and reality is not like that. However, lack of  adequate cleanliness can be quite risky and may reveal signs of leucorrhoea. It has been observed in many females that infections, sexually transmitted diseases, increased toxin level in their body and bad appetite may lead to show the symptoms of leucorrhoea.

When a woman is pregnant then the discharge from the vagina at any stage of her pregnancy  can bring herself in a severe intense situation. However, whitish discharge is an indication of pregnancy that is very normal and most women experience this phase during the life. Sudden changes in your hormonal levels might also cause leucorrhoea symptoms during pregnancy. Therefore, it is highly advisable to visit the doctor immediately if they see a few symptoms of  leucorrhea when they are pregnant.

Causes  of Leucorrhoea:

When females observe the signs of this terrible disease, they start worrying why they are caught up in such a worse situation. At early stage they are probably unaware of its causes and implications. Let us here discover some of the key causes of leucorrhoea:

  • Infections due to the bacteria, fungi or other parasites
  • Injuries to the vagina, the womb or the cervix, especially in the days of pregnancy
  • Inadequate cleanliness and worse hygienic conditions
  • Feeling irritation from things for example intrauterine contraceptive device
  • Using sprays, lubricants and other such things
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Low or very limited appetite

How Leucorrhoea is Diagnosed?

Leucorrhoea is not difficult to diagnose as it may  be diagnosed quite easily after the physical examination and seeing the medical history of the patient. Generally you don’t require any further investigative action to diagnose it. However, the doctor will take the blood tests as blood sugar and hemoglobin levels are obligatory  to start the treatment.

Treatment of Leucorrhoea in Homeopathy

Leucorrhoea can be treated in many ways. In homeopathy there is a wide range of medicines available that can prove quite effectively to deal with the irritating problem of  leucorrhoea. Women are advised to use these medications after their proper check up and close consultation with the medical health provider. The best thing about homeopathic way of treatment is that it does not have any side effect to the patient. Some of the most common medicines for the treatment of  Leucorrhoea in women are given below:

  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Pulsatilla
  • Sepia
  • Kreasote
  • Borax
  • Alumina
  • Mercurius
  • Belladonna
  • Arsenicum
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