What is Eczema and Can It Be Cured Using Homeopathic Medicines?

By Dr Sabeel | November 10, 2014

What Actually is Eczema?

This term “Eczema” is named after a Greek word ekzein that means “to boil out“. Eczema is a specific inflammatory reaction that involves redness, itching, small bumps and skin crusting in the early stage that ultimately results in scaling, lichenification or pigmentation. Eczema is also referred as Atopic dermatitis. In many cases it has been seen that burning of the skin is due to Eczema.

Nowadays, eczema has become quite common. This skin epidermis can trigger infants, children, and even adults. Once you get affected with it then it does not leave you early so you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Major Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema has a number of symptoms and some of the main symptoms of this disease are given below:

  • Irritating itching at your skin.
  • The burning of your skin or a very painful condition in the skin.
  • Red papules at your skin which, can ooze, drain, or crust.
  • warm and tender condition of your skin.
  • The condition in which your skin may become scaly, raw, or lichenificated.
  • The redness, dryness, or roughness of your skin.
  • The inflammatory condition of your skin.
  • cuts in your skin.

Cuts or lesions of skin due to Eczema

What are Possible Causes of Eczema Disease?

Eczema would begin to tease you when some of its symptoms would be disclosed on your skin. Its causes are not completely understood.

Medical experts are of the view that it is triggered due to the overactive immune system which, reacts in an aggressive way against the irritants.

At times this skin disorder is caused in several episodes by an unusual reaction to proteins which are  the important body component. Normally, your immune system does not show any resistance to the proteins and only attacks bacteria and viruses. When you are suffering from this disease, your immune system would start to lose its capability to differentiate between the two, which causes inflammation.

Some of the main causes of eczema include:

  • Chemicals that are present in detergents which dry out human skin
  • Scratchy material such as woolen things
  • Using synthetic clothes
  • Raise in your body temperature
  • sweating
  • Changes that occur in temperature
  • Sudden drop in humidity
  • Food allergy

How Is Eczema Diagnosed?

The symptoms of eczema are very clear that’s why in most of the cases no special test is required to diagnose the eczema disease. The normal examination of skin and and viewing medical history of patient is usually enough to diagnose eczema. While diagnosing your doctor should collect some information like any history of allergy-related condition and skin rashes problems etc. Sometimes patch test is performed to diagnose this condition.

How Eczema Treatment is Done in Homeopathy?

When it comes to the treatment of eczema, there are a number of medicines available in the field of homeopathy to effectively deal with the problem. Here is a list of some of the homeopathic medicines:

  • Arsenicum Album (Ars)
  • Calcarea Carbonica (Calc-c)
  • Graphites (Graph)
  • Medorrhinum (Med)
  • Natrum Muriaticum (Nat-m)
  • Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t)
  • Sulphur (Sulph)
  • Psorinum (Psor)

You are advised to only use these medicines with the consultation of your doctor to effectively deal with the eczema disease. It is not recommended to use any of these medicines on your own without asking from a homeopathic doctor OR your condition may become severe.

Check Out This Video to Find What Are Factors That May Cause Eczema in Humans

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