Symptoms, Causes and Cure of Hair Falling in Homeopathy

By Dr Sabeel | March 13, 2015

Definition of Hair Falling or Baldness:

When your hair are falling rapidly at a continuous rate then this condition is called hair falling. It is also named as Baldness.

Baldness is more common in men.

Symptoms of Baldness or Hair Falling:

The symptoms of hair falling are very clear. Some of the common signs of hair falling are as follows:

Thinning of Hair: The most common symptom of hair falling or baldness is thinning of hair. When hair become thin they tend to fall at a faster rate.

Bald Spots: Some people experience circular and patchy bald spots which is another symptom of hair loss. This condition is common in both men and women.

Thinning of hair is a major cause of hair falling

Possible Causes of Hair Falling:

Hair falling problem is usually hereditary, but at the same time there are some other factors too that can cause hair falling issue. Some of the key factors of hair loss problem may include:

  • Inherited Problem: As said earlier, hair falling problem is a genetic issue and people inherit it from any of their parents. It may be named as male pattern or female pattern hair loss.
  • StressStress is one of the major causes of hair falling problem. It has been observed that those who take too much stress generally suffer from this issue.
  • Chemotherapy: People who undergo chemotherapy also face hair falling issue as it damages hair very badly.
  • Age Factor: In humans the growth rate of hair becomes slow and with the passage of time hair start to become weak and thinner.
  • Inappropriate Diet: Proteins and iron are very essential for the growth of hair. Therefore, if you are conscious about your hair growth then it is highly recommended to include the food items in your diet that are enriched with these nutrients. Those who do not include sufficient amount of proteins and iron enriched food in their diet normally face hair falling issue.
  • Thyroid disorders: Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can also cause hair falling.

Bald Spots on Head

How is Hair falling diagnosed?

When it comes to diagnose the hair falling problem then your dermatologist would start the process by asking a few basic questions. He might wish to know that whether hair fall has started suddenly or gradually. As it will be helpful for the effective treatment.

Your doctor would want to know that are you taking any medication, are you dieting or are you allergic? If you are a girl then he may ask a few questions about menses, pregnancy history and menopause.

Your doctor would also cautiously do the check up of your scalp and hair. At times the proof of hair loss lies in the scalp. Therefore, your hair expert would remove a piece of your scalp for examination. It is termed as scalp biopsy.  This process is an essential part of diagnosing hair fall as it is very effective to get the evidence about hair fall. To know more details your dermatologist will also ask for your blood test.

In Homeopathy, Treatment of Hair Loss in Possible.

Treatment of Hair Falling in Homeopathy:

There are certain medicines that can be quite effective for hair falling problem. Some of them are listed below:

  • Alum,
  • Ars,
  • Bar-c,
  • Carbo-veg,
  • Flour-ac,
  • Graph,
  • Lyco,
  • Nat-m,
  • Nit-ac,
  • Phos-ac,
  • Phos,
  • Selen,
  • Sep,
  • Syph,
  • Thallium,
  • Vinca.

Please note that you should not take medicine without asking from an expert homeopathic doctor.

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