Safe Homeopathic Treatment of Goiter Without Operation

By Dr Sabeel | August 27, 2015

What is Goiter?

Goiter is commonly known as Gilhar. In this condition the thyroid glands, located at the neck, swell and become enlarged. Thyroids are butterfly shaped glands present at the base of human neck. Usually goiters are painless. If goiters are larger then difficulty in breathing and swallowing can occur.

How Goiter is Caused?

  1. Lack or deficiency of Iodine in the diet is the most common cause of goiter.
  2. Another reason may be under-production or over-production of thyroid hormones.
  3. Sometimes one or more lumps or nodules develop in thyroid glands that result in swelling and enlargement of thyroid glands. These nodules may be solid or fluid filled.
  4. In some cases certain diseases can also result in enlargement of thyroid glands like Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s disease etc.

Goiter is caused due to abnormal enlargement of thyroid glands present at the base of human neck.

What are Symptoms of Goiter?

The most common and visible symptom is the swelling at the base of neck as you can see in above image.

Other symptoms may include:

Allopathic Methods of Treating Goiter and Their Drawbacks

In Allopathy different types of treatments are available depending upon the symptoms and underlying causes of goiter.

Nothing for Small Goiters: If goiters are small and thyroid glands are functioning normally then no medication is given.

Medications: If goiter is due to lesser production of thyroid hormones, medicines are given to control the condition. Main aim is to balance the hormonal levels in the body to cure goiter. There are many side effects associated with the use of these medicines. Patients must use thyroid replacement drugs for the rest of their lives.

Surgery or Operation: If goiter is very large and is causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing then surgery is recommended. During surgery all or part of thyroid glands may be removed. This is a painful and expensive treatment method. There are many side effects due to removal of thyroid glands from human body.

Radioactive Iodine: If thyroid glands are overactive then radioactive iodine may be given orally to destroy thyroid cells. This helps in reducing size of goiter. The side effect is that thyroid gland become under-active that may cause other issues in human body.

Safe and Perfect Homeopathic Treatment of Goiter

Depending on the type and real cause of Goiter, different medicines can be used to treat and cure goiter. In homeopathy it is important to observe all symptoms, see previous medical history and nature of patient before giving right medicines. A good homeopathic doctor will recommend you right medicines depending on your condition. If treated in a right way, Goiter can be fully cured within few week or months. There are very rare chances of recurring of Goiter once it is cured by homeopathic medicines.

Getting Treatment of goiter in homeopathy gives you following advantages:

  • Treatment is safe. There are no side effects.
  • You will start seeing improvement after few days or weeks.
  • There is no need of surgery or operation.
  • The main or root cause of goiter is treated.
  • Goiter is not re-formed after cure.
  • The treatment method is very inexpensive.
  • Lesser time is required for full cure.
  • You don’t need to take medicines after treatment is done.

Here is the list of some common homeopathic medicines used to treat and cure Goiter:

  • Calcarea carbonica. [Calc]
  • Lapis albus. [Lap-a]
  • Iodine. [Iod]
  • Spongia tosta. [Spong]
  • Lycopus Virginicus. [Lyc]
  • Thyroidine. [Thy]
  • Natrum muriaticum. [Nat-m]

Please don’t ever take any mentioned medicines on your own without consulting a reputed homeopathic doctor. Medicines mentioned here are for educational purpose only.

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    my mother is 78 and since long she is suffering from goiter the is only 30 kg her heart beats very fast and getting weaker day by day. Kindly advise further.

  2. Asif

    Dear Doctor
    i have operated once of thyroid but after 10 years i have a little swelling in my neck.. i have tested t3 t4 and tsh all reports are normal..i m taking eltroxin 100 mcg there any medicine for swelling of my goiter,,plz help me in this matter


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