Perfect Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Babies in Pakistan

By Dr Sabeel | March 27, 2015

Definition of Hydrocephalus

The term “Hydrocephalus” is derived from Greek words  hydro  means “water”, and ceph means “head”. It is a medical disorder that is developed when there is an unusual increase in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of the brain.

The babies who are victims of this condition are called Hydrocephalus Babies.

Rapid increase in head circumference in Hydrocephalus Babies.

Symptoms of Hydrocephalus

The symptoms that will start to appear in the beginning may include:

  • bulging fontanelle, or soft spot at skull.
  • rapid increase in head circumference.
  • eyes that deviate in the downward direction.
  • seizures.
  • fussiness.
  • vomit.
  • sleepy condition.
  • Irritability.
  • Abnormally increased size of the head.

In Hydrocephauls, unusual increase of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of the brain is seen.

Causes of Hydrocephalus in Babies

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) normally passes through human brain and spinal cord. Sometimes its amount in our brains is increased due to some reasons. This condition may lead to:

  • The blockage, which creates troubles for cerebrospinal fluid to flow in a normal way
  • Decreased capability of blood vessels to absorb CSF
  • Our brain starts to make extra amount of CSF

In Hydrocephalus Babies Eyes May Deviate in the Downward Direction.

When a person has an excessive amount of CSF in his body, then it exerts enormous pressure on his brain. It is a very painful situation because it may damage the brain tissues.

It has been observed in a few cases that hydrocephalus begins prior to the birth of the baby. It may happen due to the following factors:

  • The flaw by birth when patient’s spinal column does not close
  • genetic disorders and flaws
  • specific infections, which may be observed in the period of pregnancy, for example rubella.

The disease may also attack the newborn babies and the other little children due to:

  • infections in the central nervous system like meningitis,
  • injuries, which may occur prior, during, or after delivery
  • premature delivery
  • trauma
  • central nervous system tumors.

How is hydrocephalus diagnosed in Babies?

When it comes to diagnose hydrocephalus in the babies then the doctor would first like to do the CT scan of the head. After CT scan the doctor might also want to take a few other tests that would include:

  • Arteriography
  • Brain scan with the help of radioisotopes
  • Cranial ultrasound (The ultrasound of the brain)
  • Lumbar puncture and examining the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Skull x-rays

Treatment of Hydrocephalus in Homeopathy

There are many effective medicines available in homeopathy for the treatment of Hydrocephalus in babies. Here is a list of some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines for the disease:

  • Calcarea phosphorica
  • Helleborus
  • Apis mellifica
  • Zincum
  • Sulphur
  • Apocynum
  • Iodine
  • Silicea

You are advised not to use these homeopathic medicines without consulting your homeopathic doctor. These medicines are listed for reference and education purpose only.

Case Study:

Recently a case of Hydrocephalus Baby was cured by the treatment of Dr. Sabeel. See the full case study here.

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13 thoughts on “Perfect Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Babies in Pakistan

  1. Aurang Zeb

    Salam Dr.sabeel . mera beta 6 months ka hai aur usko hydrocephalus hai. Ess ka ilaj hai opertion ky elawa? Plz aur uska head size taqreeban 52 ya 53 cm hai. Aur kitnay arsay main ya normal ho jai gaa after treatment plz reply.

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Mr Aurang Zeb,

      Yes, this condition can be treated fully without operation. For your specific case we need to discuss certain symptoms and details of condition. Please make a call on 0300-5125394 to discuss details or give us your phone number. Looking forward for your call.

  2. Mrs.Ahmed

    assalam o allikum…
    meri beti 2years n 4months ki hai..MashaAllah…us ki surgery hui thi…crynotonimy…hydrocephalus found…when she was 5months old…ab alhamdulilah kafi behtr hai….right side weaknes hai…standing n balancing ka problem hai…now her head circumferenceis 52cm..n stable alhamdulilah…did you recommend her any medicine …k us ka brain ka fluid ziada na ho?
    plz reply


    our 3 months old baby is diagnosed for hyrdocephalus early stage. doctors suggest surgery and shunt. is it possible to cure without surgery and is it possible to go for homeopathic treatment after surgery. the patient is at London. kindly advise us.

    1. Moh Durrani

      what u mean to contact u??? becoz my daughter have hydro for last 11months i need some treatment or any things

  4. Abdullah

    I am Abdullah from kabul Afg,
    According to the city scan result my child is for 8 months and has hydrocephalus problems so i am seeking for treatment of it, if it is possible and useful in Pakistan i am ready to come installation as soon as possible..
    contact me: 0093747162162

  5. Asif mirza

    AsAssalamuallaikum Asif Mirza from India
    Recently three month before operation held my baby water filled back side head and now after operation head is going big doctors have recommended for shunt can I hope it will be cure with out operation in homeopathy

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Lucky Chourasia

    Dear sir,
    Mera beta jab hua tab wo normal tha but normal baccho ki tarah bas rota nahi tha, par 6 month ke bad use achanak 102 above fever rehne laga jyada details ke bad pata chala ki use mainengities hydracephalus hai. Uska shunt surgry bhi ho chuki hai par abhi bhi dr. Ka kehna hai ki uske chote brain me pani hai jis vajah se use balance our bolne me problem hai our uska csf fluid kafi ganda mens csf fluid me proteine count 230 se 260 rehte hai. Iska homeopathy me ilaj hai kya sir please help me

  7. Rida khan

    Salam doctor, Mery bhai ki 2 betian hain, bari 4.5 years ki or Choti 1 saal ki, doctors NY dono k brain main pani bataya hai, un k sir extra ordinary bary b Nai hain, means shayad thora pani ho, bari beti beth b Nai sakti, na khud kha pi sakti hai na bol sakti hai, Choti active hai per bethna shuru Nai kia Abhi tk, kindly agar koi Hal ho to bataen, doctors Kehty hain is ka koi ilaj nahi, Kya Karachi main koi doctor hai aisa Jo Inko treat kr saky, will b waiting for your help, thanks

  8. Mehraj shah

    My Niece is dioganised Hydrocephalus… Is there is any way to treat her without Surgery and also please share contact no. So that we will contact you..


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