Case Study: Hydrocephalus Fetus Baby Cured Using Homeopathic Medicines

By Dr Sabeel | October 16, 2015

Brief History of Patient:

Mrs. Nida Zamil had a history of hydrocephalus baby. Her first baby was diagnosed as Hydrocephalus Baby and doctors had no way to treat the issue. As a result, the abortion of fetus was done. Mrs. Nida and her husband were very desperate.

Their problem became severe when later they had another baby. Doctors told them that this baby also had the same problem. The fluid was retained in the head of fetus resulting in enlarged head. The baby was a hydrocephalus baby. Just like last time, doctors had no way to treat a hydrocephalus fetus baby inside mother’s body. The Neuro Surgeons at Agha Khan Hospital Karachi were suggesting another abortion.

Mrs. Nida and Her Husband Contacted Dr. Sabeel:

Mrs. Nida and her husband were hopeless because doctors had told them that they could not treat the hydrocephalus fetus problem. Now they were looking for some alternate treatment methods. Luckily, they contacted Dr. Sabeel and described the issue. Dr. Sabeel examined all ultrasound and other reports and told them that this problem could be cured.

Treatment of Hydrocephalus Baby Started:

After looking at the history and medical reports, Dr. Sabeel suggested some homeopathic medicines. The mother of fetus, Mrs. Nida had to take medicines. The treatment was started. After 2 months of treatment, another Ultrasound test was done. The doctors were surprised to see that fetus’ condition was rapidly improving.

After 3rd month of treatment almost 80% of symptoms were gone from the fetus. The doctors were both happy and surprised. The treatment was not stopped and after 4th month, almost all symptoms were gone. Doctors had declared that baby was absolutely normal and they can go for normal delivery.

Medical Reports Before and During Treatment of Hydrocephalus Fetus Issue:

Normal Birth of Master Abdul Hadi:

As doctors had declared that all symptoms of Hydrocephalus baby had gone, delivery of baby was carried out. The name of baby was Abdul Hadi. The parents and doctors of Abdul Hadi were very happy to see that the newborn was 100% normal and healthy. His head was normal and there were no signs of enlarged head. No fluid retention was found in the head of Abdul Hadi.

The picture of Master Abdul Hadi after birth. There were no signs of enlarged head or fluid retention etc.

Medical Report of Master Abdul Hadi After Birth:

Report Showing Normal Baby Head After birth

Read the Thoughts of Father of Baby, Mr. Zamil

Father of Baby Mr. Zamil has shared his thoughts about Dr. Sabeel and homeopathic treatment of his child. Click here to read his thoughts.


The hydrocephalus fetus baby (Abdul Hadi) was cured completely while inside here mother’s body. Her mother was taking homeopathic medicines from Dr. Sabeel. The baby was 100% normal and healthy after birth. Please contact Dr. Sabeel if you need help in the cure of Hydrocephalus Babies.

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15 thoughts on “Case Study: Hydrocephalus Fetus Baby Cured Using Homeopathic Medicines

  1. Zamil

    Aoa. The case being in discussion belongs to my baby boy Abdul Hadi. Abdul Hadi is our 2nd child, We had a baby earlier but she could not survive due to hydrocephalus diagnosed preterm & we aborted as suggested by our doctor. In our 2nd term, we were again told that our baby was suffering from the same disease. We were not convinced for abortion once again. I started searching for cure.
    I could not find any cure in allopathic at that stage. I found Dr. Sabeel’s contact through internet and discussed the scenario with him. He suggested homeopathic medicine which my wife started during pregnancy. By grace of ALLAH, the periodic reviews showed improvement in our baby’s hydrocephalus. When our child was born, the doctors were surprised to notice that there were no signs of hydrocephalus. My son’s ultrasound reports also showed that the disease had almost eliminated.
    Alhamdolillah my son is now one month old and is quite a normal baby. This is all because of Grace of ALLAH PAK and medicines of Dr, Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi for which we are really grateful to him.

    1. Kaleem naqqash

      My son is one month old. At the time of birth he have congital pnomonia and his lungs were not working properly. Shifted to icu and remain 4 days on ventilator. His 1st ultrasound showed absolutly normal brain and a little pulmalry hypertenstion in hart to lungs attilaries.Afterward he recovered a lot. On 18th day nurses feel he got fitts. Again ultrasound was done and found he got hydrocephluse as his level of infection was too high so it is considerd he got it by infection. Now his lungs issue is resolved but he is too weak now. Ct scan shows enlarged ventricels of 8mm bilatteraly. Neuro surgen suggessted shunting immidiatly. But there is no physicl sign of hydrocephlus. Plz advise how can homeophathy cure it and how much time it take to get results.

  2. umar jan

    my 5 years old daughter is suffering from low platelets for 3 years, she had several nose bleeding attacks, her platelets fluctuate, she is declared ITP patient, kindly help me, is it possible to over come this disease, please, kindly mention from where to get these medicine,

    1. Sabeel Ahmad Qureshi Post author

      Aoa Mr Umar Jan,

      We have sent you an email for further correspondence. ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) can be treated in homeopathy. Thank you.

  3. Safdar

    My baby is 3 months old and diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Can he be cured by homeopathic medicine?

  4. mansoor

    my son aged 14 months has been declared hydrocephalus last month due to suddden enlargement of head .what are the chances for us in homeopathy please.

  5. anupama thakur

    Hii my son is four month old and his head circumference is 4 Cm I am worried about him he is vomiting problem in breathing while i feed him and even when he sleep as well as he sleep much. can hydrocephalus be treated after birth with out shunt placement with medicens I really want to know.

  6. M Rahman

    My Baby’s age is 4.5 months. He is 29 weeks of premature one of twin baby. VP shunt surgery done on 9/3/2017. Currently shunt functioning but have continuous fever and less urine. Is there any treatment from your side. Please help me.

  7. Muhammad Taha

    Dear Sir my niece has 12 years old she has suffering hydrocehlus patient please kindly guide us what can ido

  8. Kelebogile

    Please help me my son is 8months old and has hydrocaphalus and neurosurgeon suggested that we operate my son’s head but we dont want shunt please help please my baby is suffering please please

  9. Ruksar

    My niece is 2 mths Old baby. He has gone under shunt operation 3 days back but his condition is still critical. He is getting fitts 3 times .so now he is on ventilator. My niece is suffering a lot plz help help. My small baby is suffering plz help. What option is left plz let me knw

  10. Syed Faisal Ali

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter was a breech baby with normal delivery and there were no previous complain was shown in any ultra sound when she turned to 6 months one day we found her eyes was completely down and excess sleep when we consult our doctor he advised for a brain CT scan and found sever hydrocephalus and advised us for immediately VP Shunt operation, then we did it after it we are facing continuously infection in her CSF DR from 2 months but things are not in control with heavy antibiotics, now Dr are Planning to have another operation. We are very worried and want permanent solutions for our daughter for long term and chutkara with VP Shunt.

    Please do reply.


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