Mrs. Amna Zafar Cured From Ulcerative Colitis

By Dr Sabeel | July 12, 2014

Mrs. Amna Zafar was a patient of Ulcerative Colitis disease. She had tried different treatment methods including Allopathic treatment but there was no benefit. Luckily she contacted with Dr. Sabeel, shared her problem and started the homeopathic treatment. The results were amazing. Here are the details of this case:

Patient Name: Amna Zafar

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Disease Name: Ulcerative Colitis

What is Ulcerative Colitis:

This is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease. In this disease the internal linings of colon (large intestine) and rectum are inflamed, infected and get ulcers. The common symptoms of this disease are given below.

Signs and Symptoms:

Treatment Done By Dr. Sabeel:

After talking with patient, Dr. Sabeel examined her medical reports and studied all the symptoms. After his study he understood the root cause of problem and started medication. The patient started feeling relief after 2 weeks and withing few month all symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis were gone.

Now, Mrs. Amna Zafar is living a normal life and she is completely recovered.

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  1. ch tanvir hussain

    dear sir i belonged multan c/o iftakhar sab khanewal plz do my treatment my UC postal address


  2. Mustaber hussain

    Asalam alykum Dr Sabeel
    I am sending this email regarding my 15 year old daughter Iqra bibi who has been
    Suffering from Chrons/UC for over two years.
    Can you please email me to discuss possible treatment.

    Thank you

    Mustaber hussain 94 maybank Bordesley green Birmingham b95ff england

  3. Adil Akhtar

    Adilakhtar i have colitis for 15 year do have a cure my diarrhea

  4. ali

    hello sir,
    can you send me your contact number as i want to discuss the disease of ulcurative colits .

  5. Muhammad Bilal

    Sir i have ulcerative colitis from 2 year and the medicine did not work please tell me how am i contact with you


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