Safe Homeopathic Treatment of Keloid Scar in Pakistan

By Dr Sabeel | December 16, 2015

What is Keloid Disease or Keloid Scar?

Keloid disease or Keloid scar is actually an irregularly shaped overgrown granulated tissue on the skin at the point of healed injury.

Keloid scars although seem unpleasant but are totally harmless. Keloid scars vary in color from pink to dark brown. By texture of Keloid scars are rubbery, shiny and fibrous nodules. These are not at all contagious but sometimes cause discomfort with itching and pain.

Keloid disease or Keloid scar is actually an irregularly shaped overgrown granulated tissue on the skin at the point of healed injury.

Signs and Symptoms of Keloid Disease

Any person having one or more of the following signs will be considered as suffering from Keloid scar problem.

  • Raised skin area
  • Firm and shiny enlargement
  • Irregular in shape, size and color
  • Growing gradually
  • Itching
  • Larger than original wound
  • Smooth from the top
  • Lighter or darker in color as compared to surrounding area
  • Change in color at exposure to sun rays

What Causes Keloid Scars?

The true reasons of Keloid scar growth is although unclear but doctors agree any of the following reasons.

  • Skin problems like acne, chickenpox, scratches, piercing, surgical cuts, burns and vaccination sites.
  • Age of puberty
  • People of special race like Asian, African, American and Hispania
  • Pregnancy
  • Inheritance
  • Mosquito bites
  • Friction
  • Brushing

How Diagnosis of Keloid Scar Disease is Done?

A dermatologist (skin specialist) can diagnose Keloid on the basis of appearance and location of the scar. Complete history of patient related to any of skin injury is also observed by the doctor to judge the nature of scar. Dermatologist can ask about any of skin surgery, piercing, acne or any bruises on the skin. In rare conditions biopsy is also done by the doctor to diagnose Keloid scar.

Usual Allopathic Treatment Methods of Keloid Scars:

Normally Keloid needs no treatment being harmless but if the size of scar is enlarging to the bounds or is prominent then patient can go to the doctor. It is seen that Keloid is not settled with one treatment. Thus different treatments are pooled to get the satisfactory results.

  • Traditional Surgery
  • Dressing of the wounds with the sheets of silicone gel
  • Radiation or Laser therapy
  • Corticosteroid injections at different intervals
  • Freezing treatment using liquid nitrogen (Cryosurgery)
  • Compression of scar with bandage for a specific time

Each method specified above has some demerits which make all of these fail. Surgery increases the risk of recurrence of scar with highly enlarged size while corticosteroids injections are highly uncomfortable for the patients. Cryosurgery lightens the skin as a side effect and radiation involves the risk of cancer.

Safe and Perfect Homeopathic Treatment of Keloid Scar:

As compared to allopathic treatment homeopathy is more successful in treating Keloid. This is a safe and non recursive way to eradicate the problem of Keloid. The expenses of treatment are also much less than surgeries and radiations. Above all homeopathic medicines cause no side effect.

Following homeopathic medicines are usually used in treatment of Keloid:

  • Graphite: Best for Keloid at early stage
  • Causticum: Best for Keloid due to burns
  • Flouricum acidum: Best for Keloid causing itching
  • Nitricum acidum: best for Keloid having splinter like suffering
  • Calendula: Best for Keloid associated with surgical injuries
  • Thuja: Best for Keloid at the place of vaccination
  • Thiosinamium: Best medicine to cure Keloid
  • Silicea: Best for painful Keloid

These medicines are only mentioned for educational purpose. You must consult your homeopathic doctor for right medicines and doses for your particular problem. Don’t ever use any mentioned homeopathic medicines on your own.

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