Dr. Sabeel works with his team of homeopathic doctors to serve the humanity. Following is the list of all team members:

1- Homeo Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi (President of TYHDA):

2- Homeo Dr. Shahid Jamal

3- Homeo Dr. Sadaf Riaz

4- Homeo Dr. Khalid Mehmood

5- Homeo Dr. Hira Ijaz

6- Homeo Dr. Memoona Abbasi

7- Homeo Dr. Sehrish Naseem

8- Homeo Dr. Nimra Maryam

9- Homeo Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

10- Homeo Dr. Rasheed

11- Homeo Dr. Nadeem Saleem Rao (Also Secretary Electronic Media of TYHDA)

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