Online Homeopathic Treatment For Pakistani Patients

No matter which country or city you live in, you can get online homeopathic treatment from Dr. Sabeel. Even if you live in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and cannot meet Dr. Sabeel in his clinic for any reason, you still can seek his treatment. Currently there are many patients living in other cities of Pakistan who are taking regular online treatment.

This is the great opportunity for patients living in countries other than Pakistan who need treatment for diseases like cancers, tumors, Hepatitis and Cervical Issues.

Note: If you are living in a country other than Pakistan and want treatment from Dr. Sabeel then check out details here: Homeopathic Treatment for Foreign Patients.

Following are the steps:

Step 1 – Contact Dr. Sabeel: As a first step you need to talk with Dr. Sabeel. You can discuss your case directly with Dr. Sabeel on phone or Skype. Send an SMS and take time for phone call. You can also email using our contact us page and get exact time when you can call him.

During this first conversation with Dr. Sabeel, you will discuss your problems, diseases and all conditions in detail. If needed you may be asked to send him your medical reports like X-rays and Lab tests reports etc. Sometimes the video/Skype chat may be needed so that Dr. Sabeel can see you. Once all details are discussed, Dr. Sabeel will suggest whether you need medicines on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. You will be given exact charges for medicines and shipping. You will be asked to provide your exact shipping address for timely delivery of medicines.

Step-2 – Make Payment: As a next step, you will pay your fees in advance for one month’s treatment. You will be given bank account OR payment options to pay your fees.

Step 3 – Receive Your Medicines: Once your payment is done, your medicines will be shipped within 2 working days and you will receive your medicines at your doorstep.

Important Note: You should take your medicines regularly as prescribed. You are advised to consult Dr. Sabeel around 4-5 days before the end of billing cycle and discuss your current condition. Depending upon your current symptoms, your medicine will be altered accordingly and shipped to your address. This cycle will be continued till you are completely cured.