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Regarding Homeopathic Medicines Mentioned on Our Website

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We don’t ‘claim’ or ‘guarantee’ to cure any diseases or conditions especially those diseases and conditions which are considered as ‘incurable’ on the basis of modern scientific researches. Homeopathic medicines are helpful in many diseases including cancers but we do not ‘claim’ or ‘guarantee’ to completely cure any disease or condition. Many patients of different diseases were recovered using our medicines while some others were not recovered or cured too. We believe in the fact that Shifa (cure) is in the hands of Allah. We do our best to cure and treat problems.

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About Case Studies

All case studies mentioned on this website are true and all patients were treated and cured by Dr. Sabeel. Their information is displayed on this website after their permission. If some information belongs to you or your family and you no more want it here, please contact us and request for removal. We will delete your information after confirmation ASAP.