Homeopathic Treatment for Patients Living in Other Countries

If you are living in Pakistan and cannot visit to our clinic, then we can discuss your problem/diseases over phone and ship you the medicines. Click here to see details.

But if you are living in any other country, then in most of the cases shipping the medicines is not allowed. If you are living in such a country then please follow these steps to take treatment from Sabeel Homeo Clinic.

Step-1: Call or Whatsapp to take an appointment 0300-5125394.

Step-2: Once you get the appointment, pay consultation fee to our Bank Account. Fee for one time consultation is $50-$100 USD. Here are the bank details:

A/c Title: Muhammad Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi

Account Number/IBAN : PK57BPUN0770020029630001

Bank Name: Bank of Punjab Pakistan

If you can only pay using Paypal, then email us and we can provide you Paypal details too.

Step-3: After payment you can talk to Dr. Sabeel over phone to discuss your issues in detail. You can also submit your medical reports (if any) using contact form.

Step-4: After discussion, Dr. Sabeel will recommend you the medicines with exact doses for a fixed period of time. You will buy these medicines from your local area and use them for the fixed period of time.

Step-5: After using your medicines for the specific period of time, you need to contact Dr. Sabeel again to get another appointment by paying your fee. Dr. Sabeel will evaluate the progress and suggest the new medicines or doses.

This cycle will continue till you are completely cured.

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