About Doctor Sabeel

Sr. Sabeel in His Clinic

  1. Working as a homeopathic doctor for the last 18 years in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan. One of the renowned homeopathic doctors in Pakistan well known for the treatment of complicated diseases like Cancer, Joints Problems, Piles and many others.

Free Medical Camps By Dr. Sabeel:

One of the main reasons of popularity of Dr. Sabeel is his free medical camps. In every month he with his team, conduct a free medical camp where free treatment and medicines are given to patients. Hundreds of patients take advantage of this opportunity and avail free treatments.


Dr sabeel with Dr khalid Fayyaz Ranjah D.G Health Pakistan:

Dr sabeel with Dr khalid fayyaz Ranjah D.G Health Pakistan.

Dr. Sabeel is a well known personality both in medical and official circles. On the left you can see Dr. Sabeel with Dr khalid Fayyaz Ranjah D.G Health Pakistan getting an award.


Dr. Sabeel is also popular in people of other cities. Patients from other cities also visit to seek his treatment when they are disappointed from other physicians and their treatments. If you want to discuss your problem, feel free to contact him.



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